My suite of tried and true business tools designed to get you out of the weeds and back to your life as a profitable business owner.

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In 12 weeks, you’ll organize the craze, create a financial plan (we’re talking how to actually read and understand your numbers so they help you make really important decisions in your business), walk through time management, and design clear action steps that move your business forward. Doors open every January.

"Shanna is like the best friend that comes over when you’re in your PJs with messy hair, your kids are crying and the dishes are piled high. She sees all of the dirty laundry and offers help, encouragement,  and a pathway to an organized and healthy life."

carrie moe, blueprint graduate

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My proven step-by-step formula to creating a business model that works—a business built for life.

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The shop is loaded with resources to answer all your burning questions (the ones way out of blog post depth), like what do I do when I forget to collect my clients final payment, what should my hourly rate really be, how to put together a brand shoot that actually attracts more of your ideal client and more! Go grab your favorites. 

Think of the shop as the Q&A resource you’ve been looking for. It's your entrepreneurial candy store!

The Fulfilled Life Project 

Trapped in a bubble always chasing the next shiny thing, I found myself exhausted. After eight months of soul-searching, The Fulfilled Life Project was born from the belief that there is a beautiful place in between. Where a business is more than a hobby but less than a scaled enterprise. A place for the lifestyle entrepreneur. Life first. Entrepreneur second. A recovering go-getter living in a hustling world.

This community is about taking off the masks and talking about the REAL going on behind that highlight REEL.

Sound like your kind of place? We'd really love to have you. Click below to learn more. Your "enough" is waiting.

One woman’s search to find enough - a place where contentment and abundance meet. 

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The (RECOVERING) Go-Getter's Guide to Surviving Entrepreneurship

The most valuable lessons I've learned in ten years of being my own boss

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SHANNA SKIDMORE helps creative women hustle smarter with the tools and training they need to build businesses built for life.™

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