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Meet the 2018 Scholarship Winners

This year as my team and I sat and prepared to open enrollment for the 2018 class of The Blueprint Model, I decided to put together a scholarship giveaway for the very first time. This will be our third year of The Blueprint Model coaching program and I finally feel like the program is out […]

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Giving Back | Announcing The Blueprint Scholarship

As you probably know by now, I am pretty passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs build businesses that support the lifestyle of their dreams while actually putting money in their pockets! A little background you may or may not know ….. About six years ago is when I really came on the creative entrepreneur scene.. but […]

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I Quit Social Media for a Year. Here’s Why.

According to Create + Cultivate, 75% of women spend two hours on social media per day, but 68% of them say social media affects their self-esteem. Research by Yale + Harvard has also shown that excessive social media not only makes you feel bad, but can actually rewire your brain as well (and not in […]

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The (RECOVERING) Go-Getter's Guide to Surviving Entrepreneurship

The most valuable lessons I've learned in ten years of being my own boss

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