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Meet the 2018 Scholarship Winners

This year as my team and I sat and prepared to open enrollment for the 2018 class of The Blueprint Model, I decided to put together a scholarship giveaway for the very first time. This will be our third year of The Blueprint Model coaching program and I finally feel like the program is out of that “trial” stage and has now had proven results I feel confident standing on.

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I guess for the first time it felt mature enough, or like maybe some people would want a chance to win?! LOL. 😉

My husband asked me what my hopes were for the scholarship and I honestly couldn’t answer that question. I hoped to help a few ladies get the business education they needed to grow their creative dreams. I hoped to bless someone else out of gratitude for how this creative community has so blessed me. I guess I didn’t really have an expectation. (which is completely out of character for this “go in with a plan” gal!)

I know many of you have been anxiously waiting for this announcement. To be quite honest, this post has taken me quite a while to write. I am still truly blown away by what happened. We had in total 521 applicants for the 2018 Blueprint Model Scholarship Giveaway. 521. As you can imagine, it was incredibly hard to choose just five.

As my team and I (aka me, Sabie and Kyle) sat and read over 350 pages of scholarship applications, we were encouraged, inspired and incredibly humbled to do this work we get to do. You amaze me. You truly do. More than anything, I was reminded of why I do this work I do and who (you!) I do it for.

You see, not even five years ago, Kyle and I were buying groceries with the tip money he made directing airplanes around an airstrip. We were riding bikes for transportation after selling our cars. We paid our bills with student loans. It was back in those days I was schlepping flower buckets for my friend Amy Osaba, just trying to figure out my calling, when I saw it. I saw an incredible need in the creative community for finance and business geared education. Tools to stop those spinning wheels, to actually make real money doing something creative.


Amy wrote it so beautifully this week as she shared her story, “Shanna stepped into my life very unexpectedly but strangely serendipitously, the very moment we both needed something.”

Maybe the scholarship was just a way to encourage others to not give up on their dreams, to be smart but also brave, and to follow a calling no matter how crazy it may seem. Or maybe, this was a serendipitous moment for each of us to be a catalyst of change.

To each and every applicant, with my humblest words please hear me say, THANK YOU. You reignited a flame in my heart that had been worn down to a mere flicker. I am truly honored you would share your heart with me and let me into your world. Many of your words brought me to tears, your struggles reminded me to keep fighting for you, and your courage makes me more brave.

These were common patterns I heard from so many of you :

  • “I have so much guilt when I try to take a day off”
  • “I don’t want my business to just become an expensive hobby”
  • “I just want that victory moment of an 80’s movie when I walk out of my studio and freeze frame to my fist up in the air.”
  • “I want time to relax and enjoy my family’s company once in a while.”
  • “I want to fearlessly find “enough” and understand how to make that number happen.”
  • “I could use a lot more confidence in how much to charge and desperately need systems.”
  • “All of this is seriously taking a toll on my personal life and marriage.”
  • “Living project-to-project has become exhausting to say the least and I hate how it has sucked up my passion for what I do.”
  • “I am not a fan of hustle + busy. I’m a fan of peace, life, stability, contentment.”
  • “I don’t even have the time to breath let alone be strategic, I’m just trying to keep my head above water.”


These patterns are the very reason I created the Blueprint Model. It was out the desire to impact more lives that I transitioned from a one-to-one model where I could only serve six to ten ladies a year … to a one to many model where I hope to now serve all 521 of you.

Thank you again for the careful time you took to apply and for those reading this post. I hope it has encouraged you that you aren’t alone, there is a way out of the chaos, and that this world is full of amazing people creating amazing work and changing their communities with the power of art.

Ok. without further ado, Meet the 2018 Scholarship winners!

  1. Jennifer Funk, Jennifer Funk Designs

After losing her husband in a military flight training accident, Jen turned to art as a way of healing. Jen, I am excited to see you continue to show the healing power of art and share your hope with others.

2. Helayne Nicholson, The Road to Marriage

Helayne left her teaching career to cultivate her heart of serving others. Helayne, I am excited to see you build this passion into something sustainable in order to keep on serving for the long run.

3. Darlene Rupke, Seasons Floral Studio Canada

Darlene’s journey of building her floral design company has been dotted with loss and times where herself and her work had to come second. Darlene, I’m excited to come alongside you with a chance to finally focus on you and growing your dreams with the tools you need to truly see it thrive.

4. Liana Campanella, Italiana Travel Design Italy 

Liana curates travel experiences in her home country of Italy to show off the culture and uniqueness of this country many may not get to experience. Liana, I was inspired again by your courage to dream big, to hustle hard for what you want, and I’m excited to hand you some tools to make this dream more profitable and sustainable! (ps. I’m coming to visit 😉)



5. Chantel Adams, Forever We Non-Profit

It’s amazing what we can see through the eyes of a child. Chantel’s six year old daughter helped spark a conversation about compassion and understanding the situations of others that led to Forever We. Chantel, I’m excited to see you continue educating and expanding the heart of your company and reach more with the message of compassion and understanding for people and circumstances that may look very different than our own.

Please join me in congratulating all the winners! I am thrilled to have these ladies join me for the 2018 class of The Blueprint Model.

I am truly so grateful to each person who completed a scholarship application. You have encouraged and inspired me more than you will ever know.

To gumption + big dreams,


Hey! I’m Shanna, business strategist & financial coach. I'm here to help you make money doing what you love!






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  1. shanna, I’m so excited to be the recipient of one of these scholarships. Thank you for investing in me. I won’t let you down!

  2. Lauren says:

    What amazing & well deserving ladies! Congrats to them!

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