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Meet the 2019 Blueprint Model scholarship winners

As my team and I sat and read over your scholarship applications, we were encouraged, inspired and incredibly humbled to do this work we get to do. You amaze me. You truly do. More than anything, I was reminded of why I do this work and who (you!) I do it for.

You see, just a handful of years ago, Kyle and I were buying groceries with the tip money he made directing airplanes around an airstrip. We were riding bikes for transportation after selling our cars. We paid our bills with student loans.

It was back in those days I was schlepping flower buckets for my friend Amy Osaba, just trying to figure out my calling, when I saw it.

I saw an incredible need in the creative community for finance and business geared education. Tools to stop those spinning wheels, to actually make real money doing something you love.

Amy wrote it so beautifully this week as she shared her story, “Shanna stepped into my life very unexpectedly but strangely serendipitously, the very moment we both needed something.”

To each and every applicant, with my humblest words please hear me say, THANK YOU.

You reignited a flame in my heart that had been worn down to a mere flicker. I am truly honored you would share your heart with me and let me into your world. Many of your words brought me to tears, your struggles reminded me to keep fighting for you, and your courage makes me more brave.

These were common patterns I heard from so many of you:

  • I have no limits to my work time and no clue how much I am really making after all the time and expenses I have.
  • I sit down at the end of every year and comb through receipts and expenses adding them to a spreadsheet. It feels like I am just barely staying afloat.
  • It feels like there is an elephant on my chest all the time. I wake up at 2:30am often worrying about where my next paycheck will come from because I have little to no savings to help with the ups and downs of my business income.
  • I want less chaos and more structure.
  • I need systems and workflows that help create order instead of overwhelm.
  • I’m always “biting off more than I can chew” because I am so scared to turn away business.
  • I often feel SO overwhelmed and like I can barely keep my head above the water most days.
  • I don’t want to be one of those businesses that closes after 5 years because of financial distress. I know hardly nothing about making a business plan or the numbers side of the business.
  • Right now everything is done last minute and although I meet deadlines, I don’t feel secure because I’m always rushing, due to my 1,000+ list of to-do’s on my desk. I have NO plan.

These patterns are the very reason I created the Blueprint Model.

It was out of the desire to impact more lives that I transitioned from a one-to-one model where I could only serve a handful of entrepreneurs per year … to a one-to-many model where I get to serve thousands of you each year! What a joy!

I hope this article has encouraged you that you aren’t alone, there is a way out of the chaos, and that this world is full of amazing people creating amazing work and changing their communities with the power of art.

There are so many deserving men and women out there longing to make money doing what they love. This announcement is so bittersweet!

While I’m sure not seeing your name on this list will feel disappointing, don’t let it stop you! So much of entrepreneurship is getting back up, speaking truth over yourself, and continuing to climb the mountain. What you’re doing, or dreaming of doing, matters!

Ok. without further ado, Meet the 2019 Scholarship winners!


Kristy Keel-Blackmon

The Blueprint Model 2019 Scholarship winners | Shanna Skidmore #theblueprintmodel

“I know I have good services and products to offer, I just need to get all the gears working together to make this sustainable.”

Kristy, I’m so excited to come alongside you this year as you long to grow your business and your family to help make this dream sustainable with great systems, workflows and time-management tools!

2019 is sure to be an adventure, buckle up!


Latoya Bonita Roux Montgomery

The 2019 Blueprint Model Scholarship winners | Shanna Skidmore #theblueprintmodel

“The Blueprint Model represents HOPE for me. Hope for my marriage. Hope for our future. Hope that I won’t have to return to a profession that is unfulfilling just to earn a living.”

Hope awaits! Latoya I am so excited to dig to your business, carve out space to work on your business, and finally design a business that works for the life you actually want (while paying you a steady, significant paycheck!) Sound good?! I cannot wait until this time next year when you’re sending hope to women saying “I’ve been there, and it’s possible!”


Tessie Fay Snow

The 2019 Blueprint Model Scholarship winners | Shanna Skidmore #theblueprintmodel

“After being a stay at home mom for sixteen years I was longing to share my creative gifts with the world.”

Tessie, I’m excited for you to turn your talent into a consistent income this year with the tools you need to create a profitable, sustainable, life-enriching business model! Empowering women in their finances is my jam and I cannot wait to watch your confidence skyrocket!


Megan Collins

The 2019 Blueprint Model scholarship winners | Shanna Skidmore #theblueprintmodel

“I work very long hours for not enough financial reward and always seem to be feeling guilty about neglecting something or someone!”

Oh Megan, how I wish you were alone in this! While I cannot promise there won’t be any more long nights and lingering feelings of guilt, I can promise when you commit to the program and give it your all, you’ll gain control over those hours. I’ve seen many women empowered to choose when it’s worth the “yes” or not, without fear of having enough money!

I look forward to looking back this time next year and hearing memories of you and your family walking in the woods with someone else delivering cakes for you!


Valori Berends Neiger

“My business needs a practical plan for how to get started. What services do I want to offer out of the gate? How much should I charge for these services?”

Valori, I absolutely love your dream of serving kids and families on the autism spectrum and though you may not think of yourself as a “typical” creative 😉 , I believe anyone who thinks outside the box to use their gifts to solve a need and bring beauty to the world is the very definition of creative! I’m so pumped to see you turn your dream into reality this year and feel confident moving forward with a solid business and financial plan!

Please join me in congratulating all the winners! I am thrilled to have these ladies join me for the 2019 class of The Blueprint Model.

I am truly so grateful to each person who completed a scholarship application. You have encouraged and inspired me more than you will ever know. I would love to see you all join us in The Blueprint Model this year!

To gumption + big dreams,


Hey! I’m Shanna, business strategist & financial coach. I'm here to help you make money doing what you love!






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