From pinching pennies to Regular Friday paydays:
3 Profit Boosting Money Moves to implement in your business today.

in less time than you’ll spend reheating your cold coffee ☕️ (even if you hate math!)

45 Minutes of Money Magic 🪄, Watch now!

This isn’t a ride on the Dollywood Mystery Mine! 🎢 Let’s take the confusion out of your financials and put a plan in place to ...

because the truth is —even if you’re not a mathematician by trade— your greatest frame of reference for what you’re doing right in your business (and where you could improve) is in the numbers.

A plan to consistently pay yourself

Simplify the money side of your business & understand your business finances in crystal clear detail.

Say goodbye to the 6, 7, and 8-figure gremlins trying to steal your joy and push you beyond your capacity in this season of life.

Set financial targets and know exactly how much is “enough” for you

Price your offers the best way


Hey there,
I'm Shanna Skidmore!

Hey there,
I'm Shanna Skidmore!

I’m on a mission to make money simple (and dare I say, fun!). For the past 15 years I’ve had the honor of helping small business owners make more money and then manage it well. Managing your business finances can be hard, and it’s not everyone’s best skill—but it *is* mine. My job? To guide you through the process like any good Jedi master … or the friend who taught you the right way to curl your hair.



"You make money simple. You take the struggle out of money to free people up to do what matters.

^^ Best. Feedback. Ever.

My easy to follow money management workflows will give you the financial routines you need to stay on top of your money with ease! Like the Home Edit for your money, walk away with organized financials to make informed decisions in business.

🔥Hot Take: Manage your money is less than 1 hour a week. Yup, it can be that easy!

Simple Money Systems you don’t have to be a mathlete to maintain. 

Simple Money Systems you don’t have to be a mathlete to maintain. 

Throw a peace-sign ✌️ to flying by the seat of your pants, and know exactly what financial success means to you (aka that elusive “enough” number). Providing motivation to push harder when needed and permission to rest when you've reached your goals, it’s time you know yours. 

🔥Hot Take: The most important financial number that most business owners don’t know. 

How to Find—and Get to!—the *Magic* Income Number That's Perfect for You.

Do you hear it? The world whispering “more, more, more”. The 6, 7, and 8-figure small business is the new measure of success. There is a reason YouTube stars, influencers, #girlbosses and the like are burning out at the height of their success. Doing THIS will keep burnout at bay— and have you joyfully (and profitably) in business for years to come. 

🔥Hot Take : Work /Life balance is in fact possible when you implement THIS financial strategy.

Identify Your Most Valuable Currency —and Spoiler Alert, it may not be money! 

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Your Business Dollars—Explained!


To do work you love that pays the bills and affords you the time freedom you long for. 

the dream isn't complicated...

Yet building a business that actually affords for those things…
that’s another story. 

80% of small business owners are struggling financially and
not sure where to turn for answers.

40% of small business Owners consider themselves to be financially illiterate.

27% of small businesses are funded with income from another job.

65% of small business owners do not pay themselves a consistent paycheck.

83% of small business owners would fail a basic finance test.

Did you know that...

If your small business journey is starting to feel like The Tortured Entrepreneurs Department... this training is for you!


They say a good thing is never free—well, the way I see it time isn't free. So, I do solemnly swear to protect your time and make this free training worth every minute!

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Tik Tok. Watch the Clock!
because we all tend to work up until the deadline. *wink*.

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Trying to hit that Paris Geller 135 WPM (words per minute) to maximize impact in less time than your favorite Gilmore Girls episode!

The Training is 45 Minutes Long



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    From pinching pennies to Regular Friday paydays: 3 Profit Boosting Money Moves to implement in your business today!


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