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SHANNA SKIDMORE helps creative women hustle smarter with the tools and training they need to build businesses built for life.™

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I'm shanna, your business interventionist.

I help creative women hustle smarter and make real money doing what they love.

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I've seen it over and over again: talented creatives living in an endless state of hustle ― exhausted, overworked and underpaid, sacrificing their health and family to chase the next dollar doing what they love. But I'm here to tell you there's a better way:  I've helped over 1000 creative entrepreneurs design businesses built for life—real life, full of profit, contentment, rest, sabbaticals, joy, stewardship, and fulfillment.  And I'm ready with the tools to help you, too.

Are you tired of burnout, stress, not making what you’re worth, and spending more time making a living than making a life? 

PSSST... running a creative business doesn't have to be so hard!


In my signature 12-week program, I'll walk you through you my proven step-by-step formula to build the business plan you've needed since day one: a solid foundation with clearly-defined services, pricing based on real numbers, and a plan to steward those (exciting new) profits. It's lifted the load off thousands of weary creatives, and no matter where you are in business, it's going to help you, too.

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After working alongside thousands of creative entrepreneurs, I took the most confusing, frustrating, frequently asked business concepts—financial planning, productivity, strategy, scale, mindset—and simplified them. The shop is a  suite of tools designed specifically to up your business owner game. Gain confidence in talking about money, understanding your numbers and hustle smarter (not harder).

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The fulfilled life project

Bring it in for a sec—do you hear it? “More … more … more … “ That’s what our weary world tells women and entrepreneurs like us. But what if there’s a beautiful place of ENOUGH where abundance and contentment meet? I believe the hustle of fast-lane striving has served you far too long. It’s time for us to lay down the chaos. If you’re a creative looking for success and fulfillment, this is your tribe. 

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Why Shanna?

I'm a numbers girl living in a creative world.   I get where you are right now, and while I may look nice (and, okay, am nice), don't be fooled: I'm ready and willing to give you the straight talk—and real help—you simply won't find any where else.
Because your business (and the kind of life you're waiting to live) depends on it.

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The (RECOVERING) Go-Getter's Guide to Surviving Entrepreneurship

The most valuable lessons I've learned in ten years of being my own boss

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