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Totally changed my life!

Shanna gets you to look at all the stuff you've been avoiding and shows you the stuff that's actually going to make a difference. I feel like you are Nanny 911. If I had known all this was possible in the beginning, I could have saved so many years of suffering and struggling and at the end of the year having nothing left over, nothing to show for all my hard work. You have totally changed my life.

Floret Flowers

Erin Benzakein


single-handedly changed the course of my business

the tools to freedom

transformed my business from the ground up.

"Shanna single handedly changed the course of my business. I don’t think I can appropriately put into words how much she has changed my life, my business, and my future. Shanna has an innate knack for knowing what needs to happen to help you make your life and your business successful. Despite what stage your business is in, she can immediately change the direction for the better. She is not afraid to dive into every detail with you and help get your business to a place you never imagined was possible. She’s there to figure out how to make your business more efficient by organizing, budgeting, and tracking goals and progress until you feel like you can do it on your own. She revived a vision that I thought was lost deep inside my soul. I am once again excited about the course of my business, and in turn, my life!
Having her as a part of your business is, hands down, the best thing you will ever do for yourself and your future. It is not a luxury- it’s a necessity."

"I'm just so excited to understand all of these numbers and definitely feel equipped to approach next year with new confidence and a concrete plan. I can't thank you enough for this course! It really has changed my entire understanding of my business! I'm so thankful for everything I've learned from the Blueprint Model. It has been a turning point in understanding what's actually going on with my business. You've given me the tools for freedom. I can't thank you enough!”

"This program has transformed the way I run my business from the ground up. Not only do I have a strong financial plan, but I know how to achieve that plan and live the kind of life that is my definition of success; profitable and sustainable. I feel a greater sense of accomplishment and joy knowing that if I stick to the plan I will succeed."

amy osaba

mary love richardson

kate asire

Amy Osaba Designs

Rosemary & Finch

Kate Asire Flowers

changed everything for me!

an answer to my prayers

Paid off $30k business loan in just nine months!

"Blueprint changed the way I look at my business and the way I work. If I had to choose one thing that made the biggest impact on me it would be knowing my "enough" number. This allows me to choose the amount of work I do each year. That has changed everything for me."

"If I was standing here with my best friend I’d tell her to BUY IT! It feels like an answer to my prayers.This program really covers every question I’ve been needing answers to and so much more. I love that it’s not only about running a profitable and sustainable business, but living a better life! Why was there not a course like this in college? Shanna made the content so easy to follow and really motivated me to change the way I work and live. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!"

"About seven years into it, I just hit a wall. I was completely overworked and totally burned out. Working every single weekend was taking its toll on not just me, but my family as well. Something had to give. I had to figure out a way to work smarter, not harder. I was nearly 9 years into business and still hadn’t taken home a steady paycheck. I was hustling so hard, but where was the reward? No matter what changes I made or how hard I worked, I was still in the red. $30k in the red to be exact. Yes, I had a solid $30,000 business loan still lingering over my head. The Blueprint Model taught me to look at where my money was going, like really going! And just nine months after starting the program I had paid back that $30k business loan! The big takeaway? Money is liberating! Knowing where it’s coming from and where it’s going doesn’t have to hinder you. In fact, it sets you free to make the money and the margin of your business work for you!"

Allison Schreck 

Kelly Lenard

Diana Venditto

Bramble Floral

Intertwine Floral

Eventi Weddings

the best business investment I have made

Shanna's content met me right where I was at- and I watched it do the same for everyone else. I believe this course can radically improve your business no matter what season you are in, which is pretty amazing! When I signed up, I read a review that said if you couldn't afford the course then to sell something, because it was that good. I thought that was a bit of an exaggeration- but having walked through it now- I 110% agree! Find a way to invest because NOTHING is disappointing, left out, or presented as a shortcut. The course is so well created, with so much intention and thought poured into every step. This was hands down the best business investment I have made!

Tiffany Farley & The Fount Collective

Tiffany Farley

completely altered the way I view and run my business

changed my life

you will find the answers here

"I finally hit my goal last month ($10K/mo) and believe I will do it again in October! So yay! Thanks for your encouragement through the Blueprint Model. The studio was the absolute best decision I could have made for my business (I've been in it for 2 years now!) and I don't think I would have figured that out had it not been for The Blueprint Model!"

"Shanna is incredible and most certainly the best thing that has ever happened for me - not just my business, but my life. Last year, my business took over my life. I absolutely hated what it did to my family especially considering my business was started to HELP my family. I was allowing my family to struggle while I played wedding photographer. I had never paid myself a paycheck, and squandered the money I made. Shanna changed everything for me. Working with Shanna not only guided me to be able to pay myself, but it gave me deeper purpose for earning that paycheck. To say that it changed my business would be an understatement, to be honest - meeting Shanna changed my life. Life is vibrant again, it’s abundantly joy filled. If you are at a point where you feel lost, or you feel burnt out and need something to refresh you - this is it. This is that thing that will turn your business around and give you a new found purpose and plan.

"Just two weeks into the course, I told my friends "If this is all the course was it would be worth what I paid! Luckily for me, I had ten more weeks of life changing content! This course came at the perfect time for me and truly allowed me to see areas of my life that needed freedom that I couldn't see before. Freedom from being enslaved to emails 24/7, comparison, never feeling like I was making "enough" (what was enough?). The other day a friend was talking through all of her concerns with her business—ranging from big dreams to client organization and I kept hearing myself respond with "Well, Shanna covers that!" "That’s in the course too!" "You will find answers in there!"... I had become a Shanna fan and couldn't help but share the good news!"

Amy Smith

Rachel May CLARKE

Rylee Hitchner

Sweet Caroline Photographie

Rachel May Photography

Rylee Hitchner Photography

8 years doing this full-time and I’m finally giving myself an actual salary.

I'm 82% booked for next year as of this morning. Thats WILD. Normally right now, I might have 25% booked for the following year and one client just booked me at my highest package and a zillion extra hours—so it's a hair shy of 10k.....which totally blows my little mind to smithereens. You have impacted my life {and that of my family} in SO MANY WAYS - I’m not sure I could ever thank you enough! Today I actually set up an auto transfer from my business checking to my personal checking… and I will actually get paid the same amount every.single.friday…. Insane right? 8 years doing this full-time and I’m finally giving myself an actual salary. All thanks to Shanna Skidmore and this class! 

Rodeo & Co. Photography

meg hamilton

Absolutely worth every penny!

Better than any of my university courses

the best investment I have ever made in my business

I Created a Business That Inspires Me Without The Pressure of Paying My Bills

"The Blueprint Model is amazing! Everything is laid out in a way that builds on the previous part. Content is broken down into manageable pieces that aren't so intimidating. Let's face it, these topics can be a little daunting. And Shanna is so encouraging even just in the video content itself. Absolutely worth every penny!"

"I'm graduating college this December with a BS in Business Administration, and Shanna's course has helped me understand finances better than any of my university courses. She tailors the information to entrepreneurs and small businesses and does a great job of explaining finances to the average person. I love that I now have a system for pricing my work! It takes the guesswork away completely."

"This is literally a life-changing course. I had been in business for over ten years and was paying my bills as needed. But walking through this course literally redesigned my approach to my business and brought me peace of mind (a priceless gift), more time with my family, and helped me separate the emotional attachment I had to my art from the business transactions I had with my clients. This course was transformational and the best investment I have ever made in my business."

"As I hit the start of 2014, I realized things could go one of two ways for me. I could keep going as I was, taking on a ton of work locally and burning myself to death doing smaller, low budget events. Or, I could create a strategy that allowed me to do what I knew would inspire me long term. Working alongside Shanna, I learned to start keeping everything I made in my business actually in the business. I developed a financial strategy to grow my company at the rate I wanted to and without having to sacrifice my passions or creativity along the way."

Josie Derrick

Emily Christisen

liz cook

Heather payne

Josie Derrick Photography

Emily Christisen

Liz Cook Photo

Heather Payne Photography

up sixty freaking percent this whole year

I have my cash flow plan beside me and I have been up SIXTY FREAKING PERCENT this whole year simply by planning ahead for slow months and all the sudden the money is there. What! You are brilliant and I am so grateful for you and the way you love us and take care of our hearts and just are YOU! I sometimes feel like that 2nd grade kid who’s like, “Teacher! Look - I did my homework!”

Hillary Butler Fine Art

Hillary butler

the panicking thoughts have come to an end

I saved thousands of dollars and tears by taking this course. Completely worth it!

gave me the tools I needed to structure my business, and I feel so much calmer as a result

"My business' numbers have always lived their own life. When the numbers were high I thought "great", when they were low I thought - well - actually nothing besides panicking. But those panicking thoughts have come to an end now after having been on the BluePrint Model with Shanna. I now have a better overview over my numbers, and besides that I have learned to define what SUCCESS is to me. This awarenesses means everything to me."

"After The Blueprint Model I raised my prices, created a welcome packet, and now have a minimum commission investment amount and size and have had more inquiries and more dream clients booking my services! I know exactly how much it costs for me to create my art and now I feel confident sharing my pricing. In fact, I've been steadily raising it by 10% as Shanna suggests and I'm still booking up, a sign that I should keep increasing my prices! The Blueprint Model taught me how to intentionally build and grow my business in a way that is sustainable not only for me, but my family."

"I've been spinning my wheels for three years and I wasn't sure how to stop. By helping me determine what my need is each month, Blueprint gave me permission to take a breath and slow down. It also inspired me to think about what direction I wanted my business to move and grow towards, and how to set up more concrete goals to make my vision happen. Overall, I really just feel more organized and confident in what I'm doing. I would tell allllll my creative friends to sign up! The blueprint model gave me the tools I needed to structure my business, and I feel so much calmer as a result."

Mette Lindberg

Katherine Corden

Evelyn Henson

Mette Lindberg Art

Katherine Corden

Evelyn Henson Art

completely altered the way I run my business

My brand and business has transformed since meeting Shanna. She completely altered the way I view and run my business. There is just so much business aspects that goes into having your own business, obviously, but I just wasn’t expecting that. I felt like I was working my tail off painting all the time and there really wasn’t much to show for it. I knew there was a better way, I just didn’t know what it was yet. Shanna’s strategy provides both the groundwork and follow through for new and established businesses to chart a course of success that ultimately frees us up to do what we do best - create! 

Britt Bass Fine Art

Britt bass turner

Sales doubled!

"My visitation has tripled and my sales doubled. This is my record month since opening my doors. "

Marianne Angeli Rodriguez

Marianne Angeli Rodriguez

roadmap for success


"The Blueprint Model was literally life-changing. Not only from a business perspective, but the program helps you put all the pieces of your life into a beautiful picture of intentionality. Shanna does a FANTASTIC job of guiding you through 12 weeks of building your own roadmap for success. Every bit of money and energy poured into this was WELL WORTH IT, and will be put to great use for years to come."

"At first I thought, I don’t have have money to spend on a course like that right now because it is a big investment. I applied for the scholarship in the fall and didn’t get the scholarship, but it really started to get my wheels turning and I realized this might be something I need. And it turns out The Blueprint Model completely revolutionized my business. The investment I made in the course paid off so much in the time management and financial skills I learned—you can’t put a number on that!"

Olivia Huggins

Laura Michael

Olive & Grain

Laura Beth Michael


I would strongly recommend this program to anyone who feels like they've been spinning their wheels but just barely keeping up with the day to day. It's not about whether you think you're successful or not successful, it's about how you FEEL. We can achieve "success" and still feel like a complete disaster on the inside. I'm NOT a numbers person, but The Blueprint Model broke everything down in a way that totally made sense to me and made me feel empowered to really take control over my numbers. I also love that we started by thinking about designing a life that I actually want to live, then working the numbers to support that goal. Truly eye opening and absolutely empowering."

Oh So Beautiful Paper

Nole Garey

tripled my prices

exactly what I needed

"Blueprint has forever changed my business. Seriously. Today, I truly voiced how much my time was worth, and I thought it was lofty... the price I quoted tripled in price. They didn't even scoff at the price... they just asked where to sign (?!?!). Could not have gotten here without you. I would still be stuck in the hamster wheel."

"Blueprint Model was exactly what I needed, I feel I have a whole new set of tools and knowledge to keep developing my little biz, and you have given me the confidence to steer it the right direction. I love that you made us think of the life we want first, and the biz second, a means to lead the life we want. I've been preaching about you and this philosophy to everyone who listens! One of the things I put on my vision board was a little baby and a cute photo of a nursery. Guess what!? Baby is on her way and should be here in October! :) And I totally have a clear plan of how I want my work-life balance to go next year, mostly thanks to you!"

Lindsay Jani

Kristine Hayes

Simply Sunshine Events

Kristine Hayes Wedding Design

the best money I've spent in my entire life

Before I met Shanna I felt like my job was completely taking over my life. I felt chaotic, my brain felt like it was going to explode. I felt like I had no focus. Like I knew all these things that needed to happen or were happening on the business side of my business but there was no structure to it and I felt like a crazy person. After working with Shanna I felt like my life did a 180, both professionally and personally. All of the sudden I could just relax. There was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. If you’re thinking about going through the process with Shanna, the only thing I can say to you is DO IT, don’t even think twice. It’s literally the best money I’ve ever spent in my entire life and I wish I could have her on my staff full time. I would pay her a million dollars if she would take that job ;).

Firefly Events

Teissia Treynet

will absolutely change your life

Don't walk - RUN to buy this course!

"This program will absolutely change your life and give you the tools you need to create an intentional and inspiring lifestyle. Shanna is like the best friend that comes into your house when you’re in your PJs with messy hair, your kids are crying and the dishes are piled high. She sees all of your dirty laundry you have kept a secret and offers help and encouragement and a pathway to an organized and healthy life. I seriously wanted to reach into the screen a few times and give her a big hug because she spoke right to me as a creative entrepreneur. If you can't afford this program sell something in your house to take it. You can buy that item back faster than keeping it around and not taking the program and continuing to make rookie mistakes that will cost you your life."

"There are tons of online courses out there for creatives: photography, styling and 1 billion ways to grow your instagram following. If there is one course you choose to invest in this year, make it the Blueprint Model. There's no point investing in ways to hone your craft if you don't even have the tools to manage it. Don't walk - RUN to buy this course! It will save your business, your marriage, your sanity! Stop trying to figure out how to manage the everyday hustle and focus on ways to move BEYOND the hustle. You'll walk away with a tool kit to navigate the world of entrepreneurship and have an encouraging friend in Shanna throughout the entire process. This course will give you tools you can use throughout the life of your business. These materials won't fade away with the latest trends - Shanna teaches age old concepts in fresh and enlightening ways. You'll leave this course feeling empowered and motivated - it's worth every penny!"

Carrie Moe

krista janos

Type A Society

Blue Eyed Yonder

I don't have to book clients out of fear

FINALLY I understand how much I need to bring home to cover our expenses , give, and grow a business. 2018 was the first year I was able to pay myself every week without freaking out a bit, because I know exactly how our numbers work. Bonus: I actually ended up learning how I could take on LESS clients and still make more instead of just saying yes to everything. We know what I actually need to make, so when I hit it, I’m done … I don’t have to book clients out of fear that we won’t make ends meet in the business like I did the first few months. You’ve given the Carters our life back!

Ashlyn Writes

ashlyn carter

No more guesswork!

completely altered the way I view and run my business

I wouldn't be where I am today without Shanna Skidmore

"I was nervous, being only 6 months into business, and wondered if The Blueprint Model was the best program for that season of my business and I'm so glad I did it when I did! Walking through The Blueprint Model so early on helped me really get clear on the vision for my life and my business, allowing me to make plans for pivots and changes, immediately and in the future, that ensure I'm creating a business that's truly built for the life I want to lead. I will be forever grateful to the business owners who encouraged me to take the leap when I did. My business wouldn't be what it is today without Shanna and this incredible program! I now have a framework and formula for pricing any new services or offerings in the future... no more guesswork!!"

"I can honestly say the Blueprint Model has changed my entire life. (And I’m not being dramatic!) Back in January of 2018 I took the leap and joined BPM because I was a dreamer living in a soul-sucking day job wanting to chase after my dreams. Within four weeks of the course, I began to see this dream I had could actually become my reality. Financially, I could make this work because the Blueprint Model gave me the foundation and confidence I needed to take the next steps forward. By April of 2018, I left my corporate event planning job and launched my business full-time landing me with my dream clients. If I wouldn’t have made the leap back in January to join this community, I don’t know where I would be today. And for that, I’m forever grateful and passionate for Shanna and the Blueprint Model!"

"One Blueprint Model win for me was setting prices I never in a million years thought I deserved to charge ... and have a client pay for my biggest package willingly! Whaaa? Seeing what numbers I have to hit to make my business sustainable was so eye-opening and I feel so much more confident in the value I bring to the table. "

Sarah Anne Hayes

Marieanna Wild

Kate Quin

Love & Spreadsheets

Stay Wild Love

Kate Quin

the best money I've spent in my life

I'm feeling so much better in my business because I'm in control and I'm not being controlled by my customer. This is the best money I've spent in my life, which is saying a lot because the second best money I've ever spent was to go see Beyonce in concert. You're ahead of Beyonce.

Queeni Kathleeni

Katie ryan

transformed my business

you can't afford not to take this course.

Now I run my business, my business does not run me.

"Your course has transformed my business so much that it's hard to pinpoint all the ways it's helped. I'm not exaggerating. Because of the Blueprint Model: I pay myself twice a month. I save for taxes. I keep my inbox at 20 emails or less. I'm working on refining my own branding and honing my niche. I have a better communication strategy, new branded copy is in the works! I'm making time every week to spend on my business. I'm tracking my time. I'm streamlining my client management process. I'm sending invoices regularly. I know there are things I'm leaving out. That's just me, but I know you've helped everyone else in the Blueprint Model too. You are awesome and have given us all a great gift. I'm excited to start every year going back through the Blueprint Model."

"Sign up immediately. Don't even hesitate. To not only feel like my improvement was individually important AND also to have a community of other like-minded, similarly frustrated/burnt out women to support me was INCREDIBLE. But the best part? The best part was that I came away with a plan & resources that for the first time ever...EVER...I feel like I can actually follow through on. So, what to tell others? If you want to start or continue a creative business but feel a little underprepared, burnt out, confused at how to make your passion profitable, want to get back to the reason you started, want a reason to start, want to take vacation without going broke... you can't afford not to take this course."

"It is life changing. Literally. It gave me the confidence I needed to continue with my business, go after my passion AND be profitable. My pricing is right. I know my numbers, I know without even looking at a spreadsheet approximately how much I've made this year and that I am profitable. I attract my ideal client because I know I am the expert and I'm confident. I also run my business, my business does not run me."

Sarah Culclasure

Taylor Curry

Rebecca Green

Riddle Design Co.

Spirit Animal Studio

Rebecca Green Design


I raised my prices without second guessing myself with every proposal, and have booked my highest paying clients this year! I've learned more valuable information in 6 weeks from Shanna than I did in 4 years of college and 1.5 years into my MBA.

Caitlin Jane Calligraphy

Caitlin jane MILLER

I actually know what the numbers mean, and the numbers are PROFITABLE.

will change your life!

Numbers don't scare me anymore

"Less than six months after starting the Blueprint Model, I matched my entire ANNUAL revenue from the prior year. I'm only $2k shy of matching my annual profit from last year. I don't know what else to say except that my numbers speak for themselves. Best, from a gal who never thought she'd be hugging anyone about spreadsheets!"

"When I first met Shanna I was feeling overwhelmed, overworked and had no idea how our little business was going to keep moving forward. She’s an incredible sounding board, visionary and friend who is forever in your corner helping you fight for what you want. I would recommend working with Shanna to any creative entrepreneur. Trust me…it’ll change your life. "

"Truth be told I'm kind of an education junkie. I'm constantly signing up for online courses, attending business conferences, googling anything and everything, and buying all the books. I can honestly say that investing in The Blueprint Model by Shanna Skidmore was the best decision I've ever made for my business. She explains how to have a balanced life (on where you're not suffering from burn out every month) and she explains how to have a profitable, sustainable business. She has made me actually enjoy looking at my finances. Numbers don't scare me anymore! I highly recommend following Shanna if you feel like you're drowning in your business."

leah SACHS

Genina Ramirez

Andrea Castek

Leah E. Moss Designs

Low Country Paper Co.

Andi's Invites

I Launched My Greeting Card Company Debt Free

Before the Blueprint Model, I had no idea what any of my numbers were or what they were supposed to be. When you don’t know those numbers, you don’t really know what’s possible for you. So with this new knowledge in mind, in 2016 I made a choice to pivot my business completely. I looked at the numbers. And I made the choices I needed to step into those moments by launching my greeting card business, Little Well Paper Co. And I did it completely debt free!

Little Well Paper Co.

Jessica McSweeney


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