My Blueprint Year

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SHANNA SKIDMORE helps creative women hustle smarter with the tools and training they need to make money doing what they love.


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Shanna Skidmore helps creative women hustle smarter with the tools and training they need to make money doing what they love.






Intentional living begins with purposeful planning!

Are you tired of looking back at the past twelve months and wondering what you have to show for all that hard work? Or worse … have you not even stopped long enough to look? Ready to design your life—instead of just reacting to it? What if you could set yourself up for your best year ever, and achieve more than you think possible not just in your business, in your life, and your finances, too?

In this newest addition to The Blueprint Collection I'm finally opening my personal financial playbook and walking you step by step through my personal financial practices so you can finally feel in control of your money too!

Accomplishing your goals just got a whole lot easier!

Now I'm making my step-by-step annual planning process available for you too! In this guided annual planning & goal setting curriculum you’ll learn how to plan month-by-month, see how I hit my business sales every year, and get the scoop on taking 2+ month sabbatical … yep, totally possible. Think of this as your “think week”—to help you achieve a radically fulfilling year.

Achieve more than you ever thought possible!

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Meet My Blueprint Year


since I was 21 years old I've been going through this annual planning process. I've learned a lot along the way about setting goals and then actually achieving them. Annual planning is everything—and keeps me focused and productive throughout the year! 

How to set a sales goal
How to make massive progress on what really matters
Make time & room for memories
never miss important events at home 
how to break down big goals into actionable steps
How to plan for (and save for) TIME OFF
how to stay focused month to month
and so much more!

and actually hit it!


sabbatical anyone?!

Yearly I would sit down and write out big goals: how much money I was going to make, how much weight I was going to lose, and how many books I was going to read. Guess what—in 5 years of working in finance, never once did I achieve all those annual goals.

As I ventured into entrepreneur-land, I continued the practice of annual planning, but with a new approach.

Would you believe me if I told you...

Twelve years ago I was just a girl with a hot pink binder full of goals ready to conquer the world. 

how it all came to be

Fast forward a few years and I've ...  
                hit my sales goal each year
                read more books
                taken more vacations than I thought possible
                and paid off more debt all the while.

Amazing things happen with a little intentionality + planning ahead. 

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