When was the last time you bought something and paid way more than you expected to pay? I remember exactly when that was for me: last January and Frye boots. Here’s the story. I had just released my signature program, The Blueprint Model, for a second year. Each time doors open for my business, I […]

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According to Create + Cultivate, 75% of women spend two hours on social media per day, but 68% of them say social media affects their self-esteem. Research by Yale + Harvard has also shown that excessive social media not only makes you feel bad, but can actually rewire your brain as well (and not in […]

Shanna Skidmore Social Media Free Experiment

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Can I ask you question?…. How much money would you be content with making this year? Seriously… stop reading for a second, and get a number in your mind. For all of you follow-the-directions types out there … a) yes, I mean after taxes b) and yes, by content I mean, as puts it, […]


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