According to this study 68% of people would rather talk about their weight or sex life than money— ehhh. So let’s go there? When it comes to money talk, budgeting has got to be the worst? Even as a former fortune 100 financial advisor, self-proclaimed numbers nerd and financial consultant for the past twelve years […]

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This entrepreneur sold his company to NASDAQ for $700M dollars and shared there were days when the bank account was “down to the last $1,000 dollars”. That to say, though it feels alarming and should put us on high alert, money being tight from time to time should not surprise us. Slow seasons in business […]

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It’s no secret that the messages we receive during childhood affect us long into our adult lives – and nowhere is that more obvious than our relationship with money. In this episode of the Weddings for Real podcast with Megan Gillikin, I’m breaking down the four money personalities, how to identify yours, and how each […]

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Calculating Your Enough Number | Motherhood Anthology Podcast Feature What does “enough” look like to you? Do you know your “enough number”? To me, enough is the place where abundance and contentment meet, and it’s different for every business owner. I joined host Kim Box for a two-part episode on the Motherhood Anthology Podcast to […]

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APPLE PODCASTS | SPOTIFY | STITCHER What is enough? It’s a question Shanna Skidmore has become known for asking, but to her surprise, knowing what you need to fund the life you want and keep the business lights on isn’t something many in the finance world feel the need to talk about. In fact, she […]

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If you do this one thing, you cannot fail. Back in my days as a Fortune 100 financial advisor, that’s exactly what I was promised. And for five years I thought about that one thing each and every year when I was setting my goals, yet year after year I fell short. What I couldn’t […]


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