Thinking about taking a social media detox (or maybe quitting altogether)?  When I left Instagram back in 2017, I had no idea the impact it would have on not only my business, but also my relationships. I’m able to work 20-hour weeks and spend more time with family – my life feels much more peaceful. […]

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Is it Time to Quit Instagram? | Luminary Leadership Podcast Feature Can quit Instagram and build a successful online business? Since I quit Instagram back in 2017, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been asked this question. You probably know by now that the answer is a resounding yes! I doubled my revenue […]

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How to Grow Your Business Without Social Media | Work and Play Podcast Feature If there’s one thing I’m known for besides talking about money, it’s my decision to quit social media. What started as a year-long break in 2017 has turned into a completely different way of doing business. Since replacing our Instagram traffic […]

Play It Brave Podcast Feature When I came back from taking a year off in 2020, the digital marketing landscape looked nothing like I remembered. The online course market had become crowded and competitive, and the marketing strategy we used to rely on was no longer effective. Although we had to make some major shifts […]

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What if you could quit social media for a year and double your sales in your business? OR what if you could stay ON social media this next year but quit comparing your business, your stuff, your relationships and your life to those of other people? Ugh yes please! What if social media could be the […]


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Have you ever felt it was impossible to be heard amongst all the social media noise? Are you tired of being constantly connected but fear going quiet would mean being forgotten? Do you feel like you’re trying to make every moment into an Instagram worth moment and exhausted by it? In November of 2017 I […]

Life Without Social Media | Creative Empire Podcast Feature Shanna Skidmore

This interview originally appeared on the Green Tie Studio Blog as a part of Mattie’s “I’m With Her” series. Intro from Shanna : I was so honored when my friend Mattie of Green Tie Studio asked to feature me as a part of her “I’m With Her” series. This was about six months after leaving […]

Ever wonder what would happen if you took a year off social media? “I got so tired of feeling like I had to scream to be heard that I just went silent. And I think when you do something like that, people start to listen.” In this Episode, I’m sharing exactly why I decided to quit social media for a year and what really happened during my time away!

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Where do you even begin telling a story that has changed your life? Have you ever believed social media was a “necessary evil” for your creative business? Have you ever believed if you went quiet on this platform for more than a week, you’d end up being forgotten? Have you believed this space was make […]

Social Media Free Marketing with Shanna Skidmore

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According to Create + Cultivate, 75% of women spend two hours on social media per day, but 68% of them say social media affects their self-esteem. Research by Yale + Harvard has also shown that excessive social media not only makes you feel bad, but can actually rewire your brain as well (and not in […]

Shanna Skidmore Social Media Free Experiment


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