ten truths series


When asked what “Margin” is, I once had a client say she thought it was a setting on Microsoft word ☺️(which it is!) … but it’s also a really important financial term every creative entrepreneur needs to know! Truth 7 of 10 : Margin (aka whitespace) is everything! THIS IS TRUTH SEVEN OF A TEN […]

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Do you remember the initial enthusiasm you felt (or are currently feeling) about turning your passion hobby into a creative business? I do! I quit the corporate finance world of black power suits and three-inch high-heels (goodbye bunions, hello entrepreneurship) and jumped into the startup world with an Atlanta based fashion designer …. well you […]

20 Creative Entrepreneurs speak out : "What is the hardest thing about pricing my work?"

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Have you ever discounted your price out of fear that the client would say no to what you actually wanted to charge? My friend Kaitie Bryant said it this way: “I charged (wait for it!) $250 for my first wedding I shot and probably felt bad for taking any money. It’s been such a journey […]

Do you ever struggle to talk about money with your clients? Let me guess. You jumped into business because you were great at your craft. You did paper goods for your own wedding and wanted to try your hand at it for more. Or like me, you grew up in the garden with your grandma […]

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From no paydays to regular paychecks, Fear of charging to confidence in pricing, no money left over to a show on the Magnolia Network...


Calling all business owners seeking financial guidance— I've got your back!