When was the last time you achieved a big goal? I’m willing to bet it’s when you had something you really wanted in mind and then created a set of action steps to get you there! Where I see us get goal setting wrong is stating a big lofty goal into the universe, but then […]

Goal setting isn't just about achievement and success, it's about deciding what matters and making intentional choices so those things actually happen. | Shanna Skidmore #entreprenuer #annualplanning #goalsetting

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Inspiration fuels Innovation. Are you neglecting the one thing that could actually move your business forward faster? Most business owners put themselves last. Trust me, I still fall into this trap easily. It’s easy to believe time off is a luxury and self-care is selfish. I get it, there is too much to do and […]

The surprising truth about time off from your business | What I know now is that those we deem "most successful" have incredible work-life boundaries. Here’s how. | Shanna Skidmore #annualplanning #myblueprintyear #entrepreneur

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How do you stay on track with your goals month by month? + 3 Mo Planning Guide My friend Katelyn just had a baby and she has a doula that helps her. One of the things she shared with me that her doula shared with her is that babies thrive in routines – not schedules. […]

How I stay on track with my goals month by month | And a 3 month planning guide you can use to help set your own monthly goals! Grab your free guide here! | Shanna Skidmore #creative #entrepreneur #planningguide #money

I was twenty-five years old when I asked myself this question : Q: If I could do anything, I would…. “Do something I enjoy everyday. I would make an impact, have a life that matters, live big dreams, live a life that pleases the Lord. LOVE. Write a book, work with great people and build […]

Why Written Goals Matter | When you take the time to choose what matters most and put those things first, at the end of the day you'll be proud of what you did do and not so focused on what you didn't. | Shanna Skidmore #whyiplan #myblueprintyear #goalsetting

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Back in those days of 6 inch high heels and black power suits, I spent my days talking investments, retirement, insurance and risk management. So often I found myself saying, “more than anything, most people just need a good budget”. As someone that has always dealt with a fluctuating income, traditional budgeting can be so […]

How to Calculate your Financial Need for the upcoming year | DAY 2 of the #whyiplan series. | Shanna Skidmore #annualplanning #myblueprintyear #entrepreneur

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There’s a crispness in the air which can only mean one thing…Annual planning season is here!!! Ten years ago, I started the practice of annual planning. With a hot pink three ring binder and eyes twinkling with lofty goals and big dreams, I set out to change the world. Through the years I’ve learned what […]

How do you set intentional goals that keep you FOCUSED on what really matters? | Shanna Skidmore #annualplanning #myblueprintyear


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