July in Review

August is almost here and I feel the summer winding down. Miss Madelyn starts “school” two days a week in August and I’m feeling all the mama feels. As I think about how quickly the summer has flown by, I am grateful for this time to sit down and reflect on this past month. These recaps always help me to slow down and be grateful for all the memories made. 


July Highlights : Personal Edition

July felt like it went by in a blink. We kicked off July with our favorite Independence Day parade in Jonesborough, TN with family. Madelyn loved sitting in her own folding chair and waving her tiny American flag. We spent July 4th with all the cousins at another parade and Madelyn had the best time with daddy lighting sparklers. 

July 4th always feels like a kick off to Kyle’s birthday which comes soon after. This year Kyle and I started his birthday celebrations with a trip to a Tennessee Smokies baseball game. We then headed to the mountains for a quick cabin trip. 

Kyle spent a few days in Johnson City with his family and said goodbye to his grandma “Gigi”, 101 years young. What an incredible life! 

We wrapped up July with a fun tradition I used to do every year as a kid, Fun Fest! Kyle and I threw it back to the 90s with an outdoor Boyz II Men concert and then woke up early to see the Hot Air Balloons take flight with Madelyn! 

A lot of in between moments filled with watching Tangled, reading books, tutus and twirling! Going to the splash pad, enjoying the pool, and talking about how cute Madelyn is! 

About Madelyn: 

Madelyn’s personality is in full bloom. While she’s reserved initially, give her about 30 minutes and she’ll be singing the entire Frozen soundtrack to you (in a pink tutu, at the top of her lungs of course!). Her hair is finally long enough to sport the cutest ponytail in which she likes to share “I have a tail”. She loves reading and asks every morning to “go downstairs and watch tv”— she’s obsessed with pretty much any Disney movie.  She’s very expressive, it would not surprise me at all to see her on Broadway one day. She is so talkative and can carry on a very detailed conversation with you. Almost daily we are told how well she talks! She is the happiest, silliest, most special little girl and I feel lucky everyday to be her mama. We’ve had the best summer playing at the Splash pad, taking walks, and time spent at home. 

July Highlights: Business Edition

This Summer I’ve tried to sneak in two days a week to work. While I initially marked off my summer, no podcast, no client work… I did have some big internal projects I was excited to give more of my time and attention to. I’m glad for the time to work on the business, not just in it. 

We are excited and gearing up for Consider the Wildflowers Podcast Season 2 to return on August 3rd! And prepping for our next open enrollment and live session of The Blueprint Model opening September 12th

By the Numbers: 

5 Blog Posts Published 

3 Trips Taken

1 Book Read : The Stories we Tell by Joanna Gaines


August may be here and retail stores are already switching to Fall decor but we are intent on soaking up these remaining days of summer! Triple checking that Skidmore Family Summer Bucket List to see if there’s any last things we can sneak in before MJ starts “school” soon! I’ll be buying up all the popsicles and watermelon to finish the Summer strong! 

54 days til Fall, but who’s counting! 





July 31, 2023

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