66 floral events in one year and still unable to pay herself? Linda’s Transformation Story.

Photo of Linda Whitten Owner of Wedfully Yours

Linda looked at her business on paper and saw a lot of money coming in but nothing left over at the end of the year. After a particularly grueling year in 2021, with 66 events and still unable to take a paycheck, Linda called me. It was time to finally figure out the numbers & restructure a profitable floral business. 

While money is likely not the reason you got into business, there comes a time when every entrepreneur realizes that to be sustainable long term you must be profitable. 

How this floral designer took on 20% less events and made $200k more in revenue in just one year. All the juicy details in today’s case study featuring Linda Whitten, owner of Wedfully Yours Events, & how she built a profitable floral business. 

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Meet Linda:

Linda Whitten is the owner of Wedfully Yours Events a floral and event design company based in Dallas Texas. Alongside her love of flowers and building a team, she is a wife, mother of 3, and homeschool mom. 

How were you feeling BEFORE working with Shanna?

I was newly married, no children and lots of big ideas. As my family grew and personal life changed, nothing in my business did. I was never financially in the red, but I was mentally.

Where are you now after working with Shanna?

We completely overhauled our pricing model, client proposals and consults, our in house processes, systems, and company structure (so everything, ha!). I still don’t have my harmony down, some days are heavier in personal life and some days are full production but there is so much more of a fine line between it all now that I have a better radial view.

What specific steps did you take to implement these drastic changes in your business?

  1. I needed to learn what I call “numbers for dummies”. Just the basic terms like COGS, revenue, profit, net, etc. I needed to treat my business like a business. This was no longer my baby love child I was just building to earn the right to not call it a hobby. It was a real income generating heartbeat.
  2. My pricing had to change along with where my business was going.
  3. We needed to do some internal restructuring with team pay and actually paying myself.
  4. Honing in on my relationships and nurturing those with colleagues that fit my brand.

What was your biggest ‘aha!’ moment?!

When I realized my annual revenue vs. my profit was completely off balance and that I needed to finally declutter my business finances.

The biggest takeaway from working with Shanna?

Taking care of my business or others doesn’t mean I can’t take care of myself.



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Photo of Linda Whitten

Linda Whitten

Entrepreneur with an Floral & Event design business, wife and mother of 3, homeschool mom and chicken
and bread lady.

Connect with Linda:

Website | Instagram




September 22, 2023

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