May Review + June Goals

I’ve been journaling since I was about 12 years old. I would like to tell you a romantic story about how I picked up pen and paper on my own and started writing down poetic thoughts at a young age (if only ?). Here’s how it really went down. I got in trouble … at church #facepalm and had to sit by the pastor’s wife for a MONTH and take notes during the sermons.

To all of you who didn’t grow up in the south and familiar with calling all female adults by the name “Ms” – insert first name – … ie. Ms Terry, Ms Becky, Ms. Debbie (you get the picture)… this may sound a little overboard for the crime, but it ended up being one of the most life-preparing “oops” moments of my pre-teen life. Byproduct of this unfortunate 12-year old lapse in judgement : I’ve taken sermon notes ever since! Not to mention notes throughout high school and college. It taught me to write: my thoughts, my aha moments, cite books and articles so I can reference later, and so much more.

Last year as I worked to turn My Blueprint Year goal-setting process into an annual planner, I of course included lots of opportunities inside the book for journaling and reflection.  I’m sure for many of you using this book (or another goal-setting/reflection tool) isn’t always easy! I don’t think writing, reflection and journaling comes naturally. But as I sat to prep my June goals and review May progress I saw right there on paper the importance of not only the journaling part .. but the journal itself!

Journaling keeps me from forgetting. And I like that.

Many of my goals in May read “made progress”.

Not many of them read “done”.

That can be super discouraging. I like seeing checkmarks not “…”s.

Luckily I didn’t stop at the review your nine goals part. Instead, I continued in my reflection to a section I call “Time to Celebrate | Things accomplished this month.” and I filled the entire section with things accomplished in May.

May was a month of checking off all the “…” items I listed as “made progress” in previous months!

  • I was able to get our 2019 Blueprint Summit plans ready – an April goal.
  • I was able to get Summit ticket sales prepped for the June 7th release – an April goal.
  • I finalized the Blueprint Home Spring Enrollment (and opened doors to the new students) – a March goal.
  • I did some needed updating on the backend of my business (namely payroll stuff since our move to MN) – a March goal.
  • As well as some needed website maintenance (something I was planning to add to my June goals but completed early!)

This month taught me the power in sticking with it.

Progress adds up, and if you stay focused on the things that matter, you’ll get there in time!

Whether you’re using the My Blueprint Year tool or not, I encourage you to take some time this month to sit down and reflect on how far you’ve cover these last five months as a whole. It’s great to focus month by month, but it’s also so cool to see how that little progress adds up with time and continued effort.




  • Finish household transition to Minnesota (licenses, banks, tags, address change, etc) | Made Progress. Moving takes so much time y’all! Learning to be the household CEO has been so much fun but also a lesson in time management as I’m not used to Kyle working full time! I made progress here and will continue to focus on making the transition in June.
  • Fridays off | Made progress. I was able to take off every Friday Kyle had off (every other) which is perfectly fine by me. I have not working weekends which happened way too often then I’d like to admit in 2018, so I’m feeling really great about the balance.
  • 30 minutes daily exercise | Made progress. Averaging 3-days a week here. It’s been fun to get moving and enjoy the nicer weather coming to MN.


  • Secure location, dates and budget for Blueprint Summit 2019! | YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it’s going to be the BEST. YEAR. Ever! If you’re not yet in the Blueprint Community add your name to the waitlist and join me for next open enrollment!
  • End of Year Content Calendar | Yes! So very excited for the content coming to the blog and some big exciting things we have up our sleeve to end 2019 strong!
  • Transition business to Minnesota (update licensing, addresses, payroll, etc.) | Made Progress. Moving a business is hard y’all! Will continue to work on this transition in June!


  • Approach Ambassadors for secret project (more details on this to come!) | Made Progress! I have some big news up my sleeve and a really fun project we’ve been working on. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for this!

MAY BOOK COMPLETED: Scrappy Little  Nobody Anna Kendrick and Henri Nouwen’s Return of the Prodigal Son (so good!)


  • Our first house guests!
  • Exploring Lake Superior Northshore




  • Finish household transition to Minnesota (licenses, banks, tags, address change, etc)
  • Establish new doctors in MN
  • Look into Fitness classes or personal trainer


  • Q3 Content Scheduled
  • Contact Printers about BPY 2020!
  • Transition business to Minnesota (update licensing, addresses, payroll, etc.)


  • Approach Ambassadors for secret project (more details on this to come!)
  • Open Ticket Sales for Blueprint Summit 2019
  • New Video Series (coming in July!!!)

JUNE READ : Rising Strong by Brené Brown


  • Girls Trip to Miami!!!
  • Creative at Heart Round 9!
  • Head to NC to meet baby Isaiah


What is one way you stay the course when working on a big project that takes many months to accomplish?


June 4, 2019

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