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As glamorous as it sounds to have six-figure launches and seven-figure years, there’s more to business than reaching your next revenue goal – and those flashy sales numbers don’t mean much if you aren’t making a profit. A profitable business should be the goal.

In this episode of So, Here’s the Thing, Laylee Emadi and I have an honest conversation about what it takes to build a sustainable and profitable business that will provide for you and your family for years to come.

I’m sharing some of my biggest takeaways from 15 years in finance, including how to create an intentional spending plan, common pitfalls entrepreneurs fall into, and why your goal shouldn’t necessarily be to reach six figures.

Ready for some unpopular opinions on business finance? Press play for the full interview or browse the highlights below!

“Business is a longevity game. It gets better and better over time.”

– Shanna Skidmore

Highlights include:

  • A behind-the-scenes look at my early days in business (4:54)
  • One easy way to stay on track for your financial goals (9:30)
  • Why your goal shouldn’t necessarily be to replace your corporate salary – and what to focus on instead (10:31)
  • Advice for new entrepreneurs who feel discouraged with their progress (12:32)
  • The most common financial pitfalls and how to avoid them (13:30)
  • Six building blocks you need to build a thriving and profitable business (18:52)
  • The most life-changing part of The Blueprint Model and why you need to learn this before everything else (24:24)
  • How to define success on your terms (28:30)
  • My unpopular opinion about running a profitable business (30:52)

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August 15, 2023

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