Welcome to “The Best Thing I’ve Learned About Money” audio blog series. This is where you’ll hear from fellow creative entrepreneurs and mentors all about one specific topic: MONEY Today we are so excited to introduce you to our featured guest, Jessica of Simply Jessica Marie as she shares the best thing she’s learned about […]

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Back in those days of 6 inch high heels and black power suits, I spent my days talking investments, retirement, insurance and risk management. So often I found myself saying, “more than anything, most people just need a good budget”. As someone that has always dealt with a fluctuating income, traditional budgeting can be so […]

How to Calculate your Financial Need for the upcoming year | DAY 2 of the #whyiplan series. | Shanna Skidmore #annualplanning #myblueprintyear #entrepreneur

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This article originally appeared on the Cultivate What Matters Blog It happened one day while I was riding my bike to work (more on that in a minute)…It was a ten mile ride to the office and about an hour of peddling. Atlanta has a deceiving amount of hills. We had lived in Atlanta about […]

Cultivate What Matters in Your Finances

Hi my name is Shanna and I LOVE podcasting. Guys, this interview with Davey Jones of the Brands that Book podcast is SO good! I’m sharing FIVE common money pitfalls and how to avoid them. I think you’re going to relate so much to this conversation with Davey and get some strategies you can implement […]

Common Money Pitfalls + How to Avoid Them!

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Can I ask you question?…. How much money would you be content with making this year? Seriously… stop reading for a second, and get a number in your mind. For all of you follow-the-directions types out there … a) yes, I mean after taxes b) and yes, by content I mean, as puts it, […]


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