APPLE PODCASTS | SPOTIFY Today’s guest is none other than Erin Loechner, author of one of my all-time favorite books, Chasing Slow. Erin has always been such a voice of truth and light, and I can’t wait for her to share that with you! In this episode, you’ll hear how Erin went from a blogger to creating […]

Photo of Erin Loechner

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APPLE PODCASTS | SPOTIFY Almost every artist I’ve interviewed on this show has had some variation of the same story: I didn’t think it was possible to make a living doing what I love. Jena Holliday is proof that not only is it possible, but following your passion might be the key to building a profitable business. […]

Jena Holliday of Spoonful of Faith

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APPLE PODCASTS | SPOTIFY Anyone who knows me knows I have a soft spot for floral design! Ever since my work with Amy Osaba (where we quickly learned I didn’t have a future in florals but I did have one helping entrepreneurs with their finances), I’ve loved this industry – which is why it was such a […]

APPLE PODCASTS | SPOTIFY In the ever-changing world of entrepreneurship, adaptability is crucial to your business’s survival. The past few years have been full of uncertainty and change – and today’s guest has embraced every moment of it. Kathryn Hager is the owner of Ramble and Co, a women-run apparel shop specializing in hand-printed graphic tees and […]

Photo of Kathryn Hager of Ramble and Co wearing hand-printed t-shirt and skirt

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APPLE PODCASTS | SPOTIFY Making financial decisions in your business doesn’t need to be stressful. I know that’s easy for me to say with my background in finance…but today’s guest has a fresh perspective on money that I think you’re going to really resonate with! Courtney Wolf is the Principal Planner at Invision Events, a full-service design […]

Photo of Courtney Wolf

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APPLE PODCASTS | SPOTIFY After 18 years in business, Ashley Schoenith is no stranger to change. Her company has gone through multiple iterations and even a name change, but one thing remains the same: her mission to keep family heirlooms around for the next generation Ashley is the founder of Heirloomed, a textile company and lifestyle brand. […]

Photo of Ashley Schoenith of Heirloomed

APPLE PODCASTS | SPOTIFY Today’s guest knows a thing or two about surviving hardship and coming out the other side. Natalie Franke is an author, community builder, and mama bear for small businesses. As Head of Community at Flodesk and the USA Today bestselling author of Gutsy, she leads tens of thousands of small business owners while […]

Photo of Natalie Franke in cream sweater.

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APPLE PODCASTS | SPOTIFY Melissa Oholendt is the Founder and Design Principal of Oho Interiors. After beginning her interior design education in 2001, it took more than 15 years, a fast-paced career in finance, and a decade-long photography business for Melissa to circle back to her true passion. Since 2019, Oho Interiors has been featured in magazines […]

Photo of Melissa Oholendt lead designer of Oho Interiors

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APPLE PODCASTS | SPOTIFY If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to build a successful business selling handcrafted products, this episode is for you! Katie Williams is the owner and seamstress behind Mississippi Stitches, an online custom designer pillow shop. Since the end of 2019, she’s helped her retail and interior designer clients provide the finishing touches […]

Photo of Katie Williams Founder of Mississippi Stitches

APPLE PODCASTS | SPOTIFY In 2017, Natalie Browning started making metal jewelry on the floor of her parent’s garage. What started as a creative outlet bloomed into the full-time business she never thought she’d have. Inspired by her beach town on the East Coast, every piece of jewelry at Of Great Value is intentionally created to remind […]

Photo of Natalie Browning of Of Great Value

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APPLE PODCASTS | SPOTIFY In 2014, Brittany Whitenack founded her business with only an idea and $200 worth of candle-making supplies. Almost a decade later, Antique Candle Co has grown to over 50 employees and $8 million in annual revenue. I sat down with Brittany to hear how she went from craft fairs to millions in revenue, […]

Photo of Brittany Whitenack CEO of Antique Candle Co

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APPLE PODCASTS | SPOTIFY Acquisition by a major company is something most small business owners can only dream of – but our latest podcast guest has successfully come out the other side. Katie Gatti Tassin, better known as Money with Katie, is the face and voice behind one of the top personal finance media brands for women. […]

Photo of Katie Gatti Tassin of Money with Katie


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