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When you have a community as talented and wonderful as our Blueprint Squad it’s hard to put together just six amazing gift ideas from within. I am beyond blessed to know every single woman and man (yes, we have men among us too!) who use their gifts and talents to bring beauty and meaning into the world.

This year we wanted to introduce you to six of our amazing Blueprint friends and the products we absolutely adore from them! While I could gush on and on about how much I love these six people and their amazing goods — I’ll just let you take a look! I have no doubt you’ll find some amazing goodies for under your tree this year. And bonus, with every purchase you’re supporting another small business which just feels good!

Gifts from The Blueprint Community


Katherine Corden Floral 2019 Wall Calendar

Katherine joined us this year as a 2018 member of The Blueprint Model and I got to hug in IRL at this year’s Blueprint Summit in November! She is truly a sweet soul and talented artist. It’s no surprise I fell in love with her 2019 floral calendar (hello, I love all things flowers if you don’t know this about me by now!). Never miss an important date and feel good every month knowing you’re supporting a budding new artist!


Meredith Mejerle Holiday Ornaments

Well, Meredith probably needs no introduction. She’s been by my side since the very beginning. Our friendship began while schlepping flower buckets alongside Amy Osaba and over the past six (almost seven!) years we’ve watched each other evolve, grow, create and change. Meredith is truly one of the most talented people I’ve ever met and a fierce and loyal friend. Her Holiday ornaments are to die over and I cannot wait to have one hanging on my tree this year! You’ll have to show me which one you choose!


Teak & Twine Gift Boxes under $75

I started working with my now friend Torrance, owner of Teak & Twine Gift Boxes, back in 2016 before the doors every opened to The Blueprint Model. She was one of the first to go through the program as I wanted to ensure the curriculum translated for product companies as well as it did for service based companies. She’s been a voice of support and encouragement ever since. I’ve used her curated gifts over the years for client gifts, thank yous and event swag. Torrance is just the BEST. Super talented and so kind and generous. If you’re a fan of packaging these gifts are sure to wow!


Well Known Books for deeper conversation

Where to even begin with this one. My friend Kaitie Bryant and I met at a Starbucks in Hilton Head SC back in 2014 while she was on vacation with her family and I was living about 45 minutes away in Savannah GA. At the time she was running a 30+ event photography business, raising two young boys and wondering how to juggle it all. My how things have changed since then! Kaitie is a dreamer and idea person through and through. I’m always amazed and the things she is dreaming up and the way she actually then puts her dreams into action. The Known Project was one such idea she jotted down at Blueprint Retreat in 2015. I am OBSESSED with the Known Project and these little Well Known books. Inside you’ll find a collection of thoughtful questions – some fun, some deep, some just totally random – to help you get to know the people around you. We will definitely be pulling this out during our Thanksgiving meal this year! Last year I gave these as stocking stuffers to all my siblings and great for couple gifts!


Little Well Paper Co

My friend Jess McSweeney is a talented calligrapher and paper goods maker. You can read her entire My Blueprint Story here. It’s a good one. At a retreat in 2015 is when Jess first started talking about her dream of Little Well Paper Co. Over the next year she transitioned her thriving wedding stationery business into a thoughtful greeting card company. I get teary eyed just thinking about Jess, her story and the heart behind every card she creates. Seriously, read them all guys. They are beautiful, and thoughtful and speak to life moments like no other greeting cards I’ve ever known.


Tono & Co Scarves

I was so fortunate to hug Janelle at our 2017 Blueprint Summit. Her hand-dyed silk scarves are absolutely gorgeous. Actually, I’m pretty obsessed with just about anything Janelle makes. She’s one talented lady! If you haven’t been introduced to Tono & Co yet, you’re welcome! Up your Holiday fashion with one of these gorgeous scarves! Also great for making that daily top knot look even more fashionable 😉

Holiday Gift Guide Shanna Skidmore


November 19, 2018

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