Products we love for baby (3-6 Months)

Gosh, time is flying by and our little angel is already six months old. I can hardly believe how much she has grown this past month and all the milestones she is hitting. I feel like in just the last week or so she’s become so much less “baby” and her big personality is shining through.

As a first time mom I’ve found myself doing a lot of research on baby products, something I didn’t really anticipate once the baby registry was done ;). Even with gathering a ton of advice from others we’ve purchased things we love and things we don’t love so much. That’s why I wanted to compile this list of products that we found were worth every single penny to help any of you also in this stage of babyhood OR if you’re looking for great gift ideas for someone who is!

You’ll actually find a lot of these are similar to the products we love for baby 0-3 months with a few additions. Madelyn has changed so much in just the last week though I definitely foresee an all new set of loves in her 6-9 month recap.

So without further ado….

Our favorite products for baby 3-6 months.


  • Madelyn loves this cart hammock. We take it with us on shopping trips since she isn’t yet sitting up on her own but allows her to look around while we shop.
  • We still absolutely love and recommend this bouncer seat. One of our friends generously gifted it to us at our baby shower (it’s an investment), but we seriously still use it daily.


Bathtime Favorites



  • We are still obsessed with the peanut for how easy it is to keep clean. It’s an investment but considering the cost of a traditional changing pad + covers over time, I would guess it ends up being about the same money.
  • And also still love the Ubbi diaper pail. We like that it uses regular kitchen trash bags and does a great job of eliminating diaper odors.
  • I highly recommend this bottom balm as well. I like that it’s clear, easy to put on, and easy to wipe off unlike the typical thick white diaper cream. We use this every single day and Madelyn hasn’t gotten diaper rash at all!



  • Sophie has become a huge hit.
  • We also love this oball style teether. It’s easy for her to hold and a great development toy because she can squeeze it.
  • We still use our play gym daily.
  • Bebe (Kyle’s mom) got Madelyn a tiny baby pool once we arrived in Tennessee (the blow up kind not the hard plastic ones) and she is obsessed with it! The weather is still warm here in Tennessee so we are getting a lot of use out of the pool. Madelyn loves these stacking cups and they are perfect pool toys as well. I like that they are also development toys, she already fills them with water and watches as it drains out. (Also great for the bathtub!)
  • Kyle’s mom also bought her stacking rings and she loves them. Here is my favorite stacking rings set (so pretty).



We are just now exploring solids so I’ll report back on our favorite mealtime products. I did order the Feeding Littles class as we are going to explore purees + babyled weaning and the class was super helpful.



  • We are fully transitioned out of the swaddle and out of the bassinet. Madelyn is sleeping in her own crib in her own room. Right now while we are living with the in-laws Madelyn is currently in this travel crib. It’s an investment for sure but we LOVE it. I like that the sides are mesh and I also like that it sits directly on the floor. It also folds really easily and doesn’t take up much room.
  • We also use this sleep sack and it’s worked just fine. Nothing fancy, but great.
  • We are still obsessed with using this sound machine.
  • And these pacifiers are still our go-tos.
  • We hit a little hiccup with sleep around five months so we ordered the 5+ month Taking Cara Babies sleep class because we found the newborn class so helpful. With our cross-country move and everything going on, I haven’t had time to watch it yet and Madelyn figured out nights on her own. She is now back to rocking her nights 7-7 but I will probably still give it a watch.

Mushie is hands down my favorite brand right now.

And I have recently discovered the Emma Hubbard youtube channel and find it incredibly helpful.

Ok friends, that’s the 3-6 month wrap-up! I hope this helps as you buy for your little one.




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September 28, 2021

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