Six Months with Madelyn James

We blinked and our sweet little angel is 6 months old. Madelyn has grown up so much in the past month. She’s wiggly and always on the move, rolling around like crazy and trying her hardest to crawl! She’s already able to get up on her knees and push with her feet. My sweet tiny cuddly baby is becoming a big girl!

Memories & Milestones

  • This month Madelyn transitioned out of her bassinet into a crib and is sleeping in her own room. *tear* She is doing so great and is sleeping 7-7.
  • She responds to her name, mimics, and reaches for people, toys and her bottle! And I taught her to give high fives (we are still working on it *wink*).
  • The day she reached out and grabbed my fried chicken, we knew it was time to figure out solids! We have been slowly introducing her to different foods this month, so far her favorites have been peaches and watermelon! This spoon has been a life-saver as we are trying to incorporate baby led weaning and she is able to feed herself really well. We also love this silicone plate, it’s the best we’ve tried that actually stays in place!
  • Madelyn has fallen in LOVE with the water. She loves her baths and splashes and kicks her feet like crazy. We are still utilizing her baby bathtub which keeps her upright and she loves chewing on her rubber duck (which helps keep her entertained!)
  • Kyle’s mom “Bebe” got her a baby swimming pool and she loves it. She splashes and kicks and tries to roll over on her belly. We use these stacking cups in the pool and she loves playing with them!
  • Madelyn is a little ham and smiles anytime you point the camera at her and she loves looking at herself in the mirror. We think she is going to be a little social butterfly as she loves all little kids and has recently discovered a new favorite toy—baby dolls!
  • I am not convinced but she *may* have said mama… that’s still up for debate!
  • Her hair is finally starting to come in and the current winning vote is that she will be blonde, jury is still out!
  • We took another plane ride to Tennessee and she has loved being with family this month! She did great on the airplane and even handled the 2 hour delayed flight like a champ (total meltdown by the end of the day- but hey, better at bedtime than on the plane!)
  • Madelyn is getting better at sitting up on her own and has absolutely perfected the roll. It won’t be long before she is crawling.

About Madelyn

Madelyn is the light of our lives! Our little ray of sunshine! She is sweet and silly and so smart! She loves books (especially pop-up books) and music. She has the cutest little voice and is talking so much more now. We say prayers at night and some nights I really do believe she is praying along with me. She is a super chill little lady and is an absolute joy to be around. I love her personality. She’s patient and curious, inquisitive and easy to please.

I’m so grateful to be her mama!




September 18, 2021

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