Blueprint Retreat Nov 2016 Recap | written by attendee Brynn Casey

The roadmap to financial planning + budgeting for my business. A Blueprint Retreat recap with Brynn Casey. | Shanna Skidmore #theblueprintmodel #myblueprintstory

Event Recap Series : Blueprint Retreat Nov 2016
Intro by Shanna Skidmore | Recap by Brynn Casey

This year’s retreat was definitely bittersweet. I knew this was the last year Blueprint was going to be an intimate retreat and while I was excited to create a more conference-style setting for all our new online students, the intimate small group was something I had grown to know and love.

This last year of the retreat was nothing short of magical. The group that came together was the most unlikely of groups—it was women from such different places in life and business and yet, we truly clicked on another level.

As we sat around the bonfire for hours, we talked about the hard stuff and how to let go of limiting beliefs. We got real with each other, and I know that’s not something that can be forced or generated—it was a gift to be there together.



Name: Brynn Casey
Business Name : Brynn W Casey Art
Industry: Fine Arts

Brynn Casey is a Georgia based artist living just north of Atlanta with her husband and pups. She fell in love with creating at an early age, gleaning inspiration from her creative mother. Brynn grew to know that the only thing she ever wanted was to be an artist, and pursued that dream by attending the University of Georgia for her degree in art. She received her BFA with an emphasis in drawing, and it was at this very school where she learned the discipline it takes to be a serious artist, the confidence it takes to accept criticism, and the bravery it takes to try new things.

Her career began as a student, as she began to explore her love for the ocean landscape in all its forms. Upon graduation, she took this love story with the water with her and is continuing to explore it today in its many facets, claiming that it never gets boring to her, and remains ever challenging. Today, you can find Brynn at her studio in Roswell, GA painting the day away, getting lost in the waves.

Who is Brynn Casey and what do you do?!

In one small and simple sentence—I am an artist!

I paint/draw water landscapes for a living. I have always had a love for the ocean and just any body of water, and how it made me feel so at peace. I love capturing my own memories by the water in my artwork, and sparking that same nostalgia for my viewers as well.

What brought you to this career? Was it something you always wanted to do?

Yes! I honestly have always wanted to be an artist. I joke about how when I used to play the boardgame “LIFE”, I’d always keep my fingers crossed that I’d get the “artist” card for my career. It’s just always been my “thing”.

In a way, I feel like this calling was placed on me since I was a child!

The roadmap to financial planning + budgeting for my business. A Blueprint Retreat recap with Brynn Casey. | Shanna Skidmore #theblueprintmodel #myblueprintstory

What did attending the November 2016 Blueprint Retreat mean for you?

It meant so SOOO so many things for me. I went to Shanna’s Blueprint Retreat as I was just rounding out my first year in full-time business. I was feeling allllll of the emotions—scared, lonely, anxious, doubt..all of it. I loved being FACE TO FACE (not just communicating via email or Instagram commenting) with fellow women business owners.

This helped me to realize not only am I not alone, but that others experience the SAME feelings as I do. Being able to share meals, laugh, talk business, family, and other “life” stuff was so refreshing.

I guess it reminded me that these women are humans too, and we all are just trying to make our own businesses work for our unique lives.

It helped to break down barriers and walls of perfection that can be built up on the internet.

How did you feel all the way from those first hellos to the very last goodbyes with the other retreat attendees?

It was honestly just a breath of fresh air—literally and figuratively. It was a little nerve wracking at first to sit at a dinner table with all of the fabulous boss-ladies who I admired. I felt like I was totally “unworthy” of being in their presence, because I was younger or less experienced.

But as the retreat progressed, walls broke down and I felt so accepted and encouraged. There were no feelings of “hierarchy”. It was just all of us coming from different seasons of life trying to figure it out!

By the end of the retreat I honestly felt like I had made some real connections that would be friendships for life.

What is one word to express how you felt after leaving the retreat?


I think seeing other women who were just a few years/steps ahead of me in their businesses who were actually DOING it made me feel empowered that I could actually “do it” too. Seeing women who were working mothers, or owned multiple businesses, or even were the sole providers for their family made me realize that I can really do whatever I put my mind to—whatever I want that to be.

When deciding to attend this event, were you scared to make the ticket purchase?

YES. This retreat was the biggest expense I had ever made for my business at the time. I was worried that I was going “too early” for my experience level, or that I was going to come home and wish I used that money for something else, like a website designer or photography etc.

Even with those fears what did you hope to get out of attending this retreat?

I was hoping to get reassurance, clarity, and empowerment. Before attending this event, I was literally flying by the seat of my pants with every decision, just kind of going with the flow of how my business was growing naturally.

I never really even considered having a “plan” for my business, and telling it what to do rather than it having a mind of its own and telling ME what to do.

My life was just a mess and super unorganized with the demands of my growing business, I had 0 boundaries and no idea where to start!

How did the November 2016 Blueprint Retreat move you forward in your business and in your life?

This event shaped how I plan for my business. Now, I have an annual plan EVERY year for my business. I like to leave a little room for spontaneity, but overall, things are pretty planned out.

I have all of my collection launches planned, my print sale dates planned, and my financial goals planned as well. I know what to expect this year, and it is helping me to plan ahead for things like marketing content, photography, etc.

What do you think was the most important thing you walked away with?

The most important thing I walked away with was a roadmap for financial planning and budgeting for my business.

What would you tell your best friend, biz bestie or someone walking through similar struggles in their life and business about attending a Blueprint Retreat/Summit?

I’d tell them that it is honestly worth every penny, it will bring them the clarity and reassurance they are longing for, and they will walk away with a clearer picture of what planning for their business actually looks like.

Aside from gleaning wonderful knowledge, you honestly will meet some of the most kind and down to earth women in the Blueprint community. They’re real, fun, funny, and smart. You will not only learn a TON, but you’ll have a lot of fun doing it.

And lastly : what is the best thing you’ve learned about money?

Money doesn’t control me. I can control what I do with it or don’t do with it.

The roadmap to financial planning + budgeting for my business. A Blueprint Retreat recap with Brynn Casey. | Shanna Skidmore #theblueprintmodel #myblueprintstory

November 2016 Blueprint Vendors :
Photography : Rustic White
Decor : Meredith Mejerle
Set & Rentals : Krista Janos of Blue Eyed Yonder

*Brynn Casey Headshot : Morgan Blake

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The roadmap to financial planning + budgeting for my business. A Blueprint Retreat recap with Brynn Casey. | Shanna Skidmore #theblueprintmodel #myblueprintstory


April 16, 2019

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