Running a Successful Photography Business as a Mom of 5! Grace’s story

One of the greatest honors of my life (other than being a wife to Kyle and mama to Madelyn) is getting to help others build businesses around the life they want to live. Each month we spotlight one of our incredible students and this month I’m beyond thrilled to feature Grace Paul!

Grace is building an incredible photography business while being a mama of five boys. Yup, FIVE! So, when she told me she was at the point of quitting her business before taking my signature business course, The Blueprint Model… I knew I had to have her share her story! 

For anyone on the verge of burnout, not sure how to juggle growing a business and showing up for your life— Grace Paul’s story is must read!

Without further ado, Meet Grace!


Let’s start with some fun stuff! Lightning Round, here we go:

Tell us what you do:  

I am a family photographer and educator. I teach photographers how to shoot film and build photography businesses that add to their lives instead of taking away from it.

Vice/Guilty Pleasure : 

Chocolate chip cookies 

Favorite Snack :

Chocolate chip cookies 🤣

Something you’re proud of:

My 5 sons

What you’re currently working on: 

Launching The Film Collective- an online community of creatives devoted to mastering the art of film photography! 

We probably wouldn’t guess…

That I got married at 18 had my first baby at 19 ❤️and I killed a scorpion in my laundry room with a fly swatter 

Best advice ever received? 

Everything is a season. We are always moving, changing, evolving. So the hard things about right now soon will pass. But so will the good things so hold onto them with a grateful heart and trust that the next season will bring good things too. 

Currently Reading/ Listening to/ Watching: 

Too many things to write down but off the top of my head 

Watching: The Established Home 

Reading: Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne and Set the Stars Alight by Amanda Dykes 

Can’t live without… 

Chocolate chip cookies jk but not really. My husband, Jesus, and phone calls to my mama. 

Secret Fantasy Job: 

Something where I can wear linen dresses and drink hot tea and bake cookies all day. And write books. I’d like to write books… and decorate homes. I’m kind of a dreamer. 

What do you want everyone to know reading this? 

I like you. I know I don’t know you, but I like you. And I think you have a gift and specific purpose that will make this earth more beautiful. And I wait with hopeful expectation to see the good things that come from whatever that calling is. 

Let’s talk turkey, I mean, Business!

How did you hear about Shanna? 

A webinar in 2018? I think and then again from Nancy Ray in 2022! 

In what ways have we worked together so far?! 

✓ The Blueprint Model

✓ The Money Club (our new membership community!) Launching June 2023

Why did you decide to work with Shanna?

I had just decided to close my business when I saw Nancy mention the blueprint model. Seeing her handle running a business and also spend quality time with her kids gave me the boost to give it it one more shot ❤️

Tell me about the big ‘aha’ moments you had during The Blueprint Model! 

That in reality what I thought was profitable was me only making $2 an hour and that I don’t have to do all the things. I get to decide my path and what works and doesn’t work for me. I stepped off the hamster wheel and now can confidently create offers that I know will serve my family and business model well without worrying about all the industry “should dos”.

Tell me about one change or success you’ve experienced since working together! 

More productive working hours and no more working after I put my kids to bed! Hallelujah. 

Okay, real talk— What would you tell someone considering buying a course or working with Shanna? 

That she’s the bees knees. She knows what she’s talking about and she’s real with you. The whole time going through the blueprint model I felt like Shanna was for me and my business. She made me a smarter business owner which made a positive ripple in my home life, too. 


I stepped off the hamster wheel and now can confidently create offers that I know will serve my family and business model well without worrying about all the industry “should dos.

— Grace Paul, student of The Blueprint Model


Grace, thank you so much for sharing more of your story and experience working together. I am so grateful for such amazing students like you! And loved getting to know you better through this spotlight! 

Want more inspiration? Plenty more stories that are sure to inspire you, Click Here for more Student Success Stories! If you’re ready to feel empowered in your personal and/or business finances, I’d love to work together either 1:1 or or through my signature program, The Blueprint Model!





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Grace Paul

Grace Paul is a mama to 5 darling boys, a homemaker, film photographer and educator. She believes everyone has the power to live a wildly beautiful life and is passionate about helping to make it happen. 


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April 20, 2023

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