How to battle negative self-talk and doubt!

Battle Negative Self-Talk with Shanna Skidmore

It’s Two Cents Tuesdays ep.5! Each week I’ll be answering audience submitted questions over on my YouTube Channel!

Today’s question comes from Lizzie. She asks

“So often we get caught up in the idea of making it big, having thousands of followers on IG and bringing in cash with little work. I don’t have a business partner, I don’t have someone holding me accountable or helping me work through ideas. It’s much easier to give up on a dream than it is to push through and remember that the work I am doing and will do matters. How do you stay inspired and continue to believe in yourself even when it gets hard?”

Great question Lizzie! Here’s my two-cents :

Ok, so let’s be real! Working for yourself is tough! I was a one-woman show for almost five years! There is a lot of times we battle our mental psyche more than anything else. We have to get our minds right. We have to believe in our dreams!

How do I battle negative self-talk and doubt?

By cultivating positive self-talk! Recently I started integrating a mindset reset every single morning before I head into work. I write down three truths about myself, my work, or my life that I want to claim. I often repeat these words over myself anytime throughout the day when I feel those all too familiar doubts creeping in.

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In the past it has felt fake or inauthentic to speak truths over myself that I didn’t necessarily believe at the time. Such as :

“You are really great at your job.”

“You are helping a lot of people.”

“You are really important.”

“You are really special.”

But I’ve discovered something amazing in the process. We have the power to adjust our emotions and battle negative self-talk by tackling it head on. It is inevitable that some days you just don’t feel like doing this job. Somedays you feel like you’re not doing good work. Somedays that negative self-talk is strong. But instead of letting emotions dictate our beliefs, these three truths I’ve written down give me power of those negative emotions.

Try it!!

Your Action :

Write down three truths about yourself, your work or your life circumstances. Anytime throughout the day you feel the familiar negative self-talk or doubt creeping in, repeat these three truths over yourself.

Your work matters! Your dreams matter! The words we speak over ourselves matters too! So make sure they are positive, encouraging and hopeful words even on the days you don’t feel like it.

Battle Negative Self-Talk with Shanna Skidmore


October 6, 2018

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