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Behind Our Latest Launch : What Worked, What Didn’t, What We’re Changing Moving Forward

If you’ve ever experienced a launch that didn’t go well, services that didn’t sell out, or feeling ghosted when it comes to booking clients … today’s video is for you! Before I dive into today’s launch debrief I want to say this: I am so very grateful for each and every business owner that I […]



If you’ve ever experienced a launch that didn’t go well, services that didn’t sell out, or feeling ghosted when it comes to booking clients … today’s video is for you!

Before I dive into today’s launch debrief I want to say this: I am so very grateful for each and every business owner that I have the honor to work with. And while this launch didn’t go as planned and our financial goals were far from met, I am loving our new group of students and truly honored when you choose to work with me.

So when I proceed and tell you this launch “tanked”, I want you to hear it from a numbers perspective. This by no means was a “failure” because we have 20 new amazing business owners we get to serve and that is and will always be a blessing. (Also, I recognize that a $30k launch is likely a dream for many of you reading/watching this so while our business may run at a different scale than your own, I hope these takeaways are meaningful whether your goal is $1,000, $10,000, or $1,000,000… its all relative).

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Ok – with that said…

I recently shared with my email insiders that our most recent launch of my signature program The Blueprint Model totally tanked. Since I’m all about transparency and sharing the real behind the highlight reel I thought it would be helpful to see how, as a finance person, we are bouncing back with our personal and business finances now in a season where cash flow is TIGHT!

🎥 For the full launch debrief, press play on the video below.

📚 If you’re here for the summary only, scoot down ↓

Adjusting Financial Goals after a Lower than Expected Launch

Well, first and foremost, you can be CERTAIN that The Blueprint Model isn’t going anywhere! The most beautiful part of this entire experience has been how much I believe in this work and the confidence in knowing that THE COURSE is NOT the problem (not all failed launches can say that).

Here’s how we’re bouncing back financially:

1. Sad but true, the fastest way to create cash flow when money gets tight is *not* selling something else! It’s cutting out the extra spending!

I’m grateful we run our household lean (not a lot of debt) and our business lean (not a lot of overhead) so we are able to pay our bills, but we will have to do some major cash flow planning and cut out all extraneous spending.

2. Putting pen to paper and getting really clear on what we have to have, our keep the lights on number, for both business and personal finances. Knowing this numbers help me sleep at night when money gets tight and gives me a clear target moving forward.

3. Set a new goal and a strategic selling plan to hit that number. While the thought of going back into launch mode and selling something else makes me want to cringe. I know the number we have to hit, and for the past 9 years, we’ve always made it.

When the launch didn’t go well, I did what I teach all of my students to do every single day—go back to the money plan. I looked at our personal need and business need, figured out what we could cut, and then what we had to sell. In a moment of fear and financial panic… this empowered me as I’ve seen it do for my students for years.

Knowing your numbers GIVES YOU THE TOOLS to adjust as needed. Whether it’s a bad launch, a global pandemic, an impending recession… when you know your need you can figure out how to hit that number. I’ve swept floors, paid for groceries on tip money, commuted by bike… to make it happen.

Numbers are data, and when you know how to read them you’re empowered to get back in the driver’s seat and create a roadmap to move forward.

Silver lining, this experience reminded me again of why I do what I do. I’m thankful for that.

By the Numbers

Want all the Juicy details including my Top 3 Takeaways, the emotional toll of a bad launch, plus ALL THE NUMBERS: total revenue, expenses, conversion #s? Make sure to 🎥 watch the full video debrief above!

Stay the Course

This experience has been mentally and financially challenging. I’ve had a lot of blessings in disguise and silver-lining moments, for those I’m grateful. And I’m grateful for the amazing student community, clients and loyal fans that have cheered me on through this process. I am having so much fun leading our students back through The Blueprint Model and 6-week mastermind. Putting my head down and serving our students and working with clients always puts me back in the right headspace.

I do this to work so that mamas can go home to their babies, shut the laptops off, and not worry how to pay themselves at the end of the month. I do this now for the same reasons I always have.

As far as marketing the course, well I don’t know yet. I’m still digesting these results, sitting back and listening to my audience and the industry.

You can be sure of this :

I’m getting back to doing my actual work, getting the best results for my clients and empowering my students to know their numbers!

Helping as many people as I can.

And likely, continuing to not follow the marketing “rules”.

I am committed to building relationships even stronger with my email insiders since this really is the only way to hang out with me right now. We hope to relaunch our youtube channel so you can see more of my face more regularly and of course continue sharing inspiring stories through Consider the Wildflowers, the podcast.

I’ll leave you with this.

Years ago I read a quote from Henry David Thoreau that said, “You cannot hear music and noise at the same time.”

If you’re coming off a bad booking season, or your financial goals aren’t shaping up as you’d hoped this year. Instead of looking outward, look inward. Get quiet and ask yourself, “how can I best show up and serve my ideal client?”

That has always worked for me.






September 16, 2022

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