Eighteen Months with Madelyn James

I once heard someone say that it takes 18 months after a big life change to feel like yourself again. And while becoming a mom brings out a whole *new* person, you know… I can definitely say I’m feeling more “settled in”.

It’s been such a wonderful and gigantic 18 months! In the midst of adjusting to becoming parents, we also relaunched our company as a team, and moved back home to Tennessee. Three major shifts in the past 1.5 years and it’s so so good to say (and feel) that we truly are *finally* figuring out our new rhythms and pace. A new normal.

Madelyn truly does make the sun shine brighter. She is sweet, and silly, and so talkative! She loves (I mean like *really* loves) books. She loves to be read too, and she loves reading to you. She is saying so many words and 2-word sentences. “No Paci”. “All done”. (out)”Side”. My favorite though is when she says “ready?”–this happens before she throws the ball or wants to be tossed or going down the slide. You know, like, you ready?!!!

Slowly but surely we are settling into our new house, I cannot believe we’ve almost been here a year! We love our neighborhood walks and walks down to the mailbox. We soaked up the summer and pooltime. Two beach trips. She’s a great traveler. We are so glad she does well in the car. She loves Sadie even though Sadie just tolerates her! She would spend all her time outside if she could, and loves her bite bites.

I love her curiosity. I love watching her learn. I love her determination and the look she gets on her face when she’s proud of herself. I laugh when she walks around “cleaning” and am fascinated by how her little brain works and picks things up so quickly—always watching and observing. I love that she is analytical and takes her time to warm up to people, yet in the next breath is waving feverishly saying “hi” to every passerby.

There is so much to be grateful for. Fall in Tennessee 🍁


For years I have loved Rylee’s work, so when she agreed to come to Tennessee to capture our family–well, she blew me away! I will cherish these photos, this season, and these memories for a lifetime!

Gimme More Madelyn Highlights 💫




September 18, 2022

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