How to leave your 9-5 without fear

by Katherine Corden as told by Sara Shelton
Part of our “My Blueprint Story” Series

How to leave your 9-5 without fear. A Blueprint Story with Katherine Corden. | Shanna Skidmore #theblueprintmodel #entrepreneur #business

I was working as a physical therapist when I met Shanna. I’ve always been artistic and creative, but when it came time to pick a career path, I chose an option that gave me more of a stable, predictable income and day-to-day structure.

And honestly, I loved that job. I still do!

So many entrepreneurs walk away from the soul-sucking corporate job to pursue their passion, but my story is different. I loved the work I was doing. And honestly, it gave me the freedom and flexibility to still pursue my art. There was room for both my job as a physical therapist and a passion for art for a long time, and I liked it that way. One full-time job and one solid side hustle? Yes please!

That’s how I saw it until I met Shanna. Up until that point, I had no idea that I could ever actually make art my full-time gig. I didn’t see the potential for art to actually become a real sustainable career. The Blueprint Model opened my eyes to the possibility and helped me take the steps I needed to in order to turn my side hustle into my full-time hustle.

And here are a few steps I took to make that happen:


I set a date.

I made a plan to leave my full-time job. I didn’t just jump all in immediately. That wasn’t going to work for me. Instead, I set a future date and started moving toward it. I started planning and prepping in order to be ready to step out when that date came.


I made a plan.

With the date on the calendar, I worked on the plan I needed to actually get my art business in a place to be my full-time gig. I reviewed every single aspect of my business at the time. I focused on building my skillset up and put the tools in place to plan the future of my business. I defined what my “enough” was—the number I knew I needed to make—and I focused on what I needed to do to get there. I really took time to look at where my money was going, both in my personal and business finances. Refining every detail of my business helped me make a plan to confidently step into this new career path.


I learned new tools.

The Blueprint Model taught me so many new financial and time management skills. I added so much to my business skillset through The Blueprint Model. And those tools were huge for me in the process and planning of leaving my job.


I transitioned my own way.

Nobody can tell you what will work for you better than you. That’s why I had to tune out the voices of others and focus instead on what I knew was best for me. I couldn’t worry about fear or what others might think of this choice to transition. I made a choice to transition the way that worked best for me. I still actually work part-time in physical therapy. It’s a smaller part of my income plan, but it’s still there because it’s a job I love. Transitioning to a full-time art career this way felt like the best way for me.


I focused on my “why.”

Really knowing and understanding my “why” helped me make the best choices in this transition. I know why I’m saving, why I’m spending, why I’m pricing the way I do, why I’m spending the time I spend. Understanding the why in my finances in particular has been huge for helping me understand my business.

It’s been just over a year since I left my full-time job.

The best part?

I’ve seen my business grow leaps and bounds in the last twelve months. Freeing my time and energy up to pursue my passion full-time is one of the best choices I’ve ever made. And doing so with the right information and tools under my belt made this career dream possible.


*Headshot photo credit: Meredith Marie Johnson Photography


→ finally making money doing what you love!

→ understanding your core motivator in life and business

→ providing real income for your family without having to sacrifice all your time and energy to the non-stop hustle.

→ transforming your business (and life!) just like hundreds of other men and women who’ve implemented this proven business blueprint.

If that sounds like a dream year, then I want to invite you to join us inside The Blueprint Model!


How to leave your 9-5 without fear. A Blueprint Story with Katherine Corden. | Shanna Skidmore #theblueprintmodel #entrepreneur #business

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June 20, 2019

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