How Making Money Dates a Priority Changed my Business (and my life!)

By Kate Quin, as told by Sara Shelton
Part of our “My Blueprint Story” Series

I feel like the start of my business story is a little different than that of most creative entrepreneurs. While I’m the owner of, providing brand and content management services for other creative entrepreneurs, I didn’t start my business from scratch. In fact, I actually purchased the company, taking the time after that to rebrand, and really make it my own.

I’ve been in business on my own for a little over three years now, and I’ve definitely faced the same challenges that most other small business owners do! I had to put in the work to get things rolling and start generating income. In my mind that looked like one thing: taking on any work that came my way.

I spent the first two years in business afraid to turn anyone away, pretty much saying yes to every inquiry I received, good fit or not. And the result? I ended up taking on way too much, felt completely overwhelmed, and wasn’t making enough to earn the income I wanted for myself and my business.

Enter the Blueprint Model!

In 2018, I jumped into the Blueprint Model with a client load I couldn’t handle and a financial need I couldn’t meet. I was operating on an endless cycle that was quickly leading me to resent what I was doing. But what I learned in the Blueprint Model shaped where I am in my business and my life today.

For starters, it introduced me to the idea of monthly money dates—a designated time to sit down and actually look at my numbers.

So much of what was wrong in my business was that I simply didn’t know my numbers. I was flying blind and hoping for the best, completely unsure of how much work I actually needed to take on to make the living I wanted to make. The Blueprint Model and Money dates specifically, helped me define what “enough” looked like for me. It forced me to sit down and really look at the numbers impacting every part of my business—clients, services, pricing, and more.

And when I started to put in the work to see and understand my money the right way, I immediately realized I didn’t have to keep the pace I was running at in order to make money. In fact, I could actually shrink my client load and still be on the road to where I wanted to be financially.

You see, my entire life the topic of money was never at the forefront of any conversation. It was something you never wanted to deal with or talk about at all. But when you take over a business, you have no choice but to know your numbers. It’s the only way you can define what enough looks like for you!

Money dates shifted the course of my business and in turn, my life in so many ways.


We schedule our money date

Now I do this with my husband every single month. We sit down on the first Friday of the month for our money date.


Look at our numbers for the month

We input our expenses, pay our bills, look at our numbers, and go through my plan for the business that month. We see where we are, where we want to be, and what we need to do to get there.


It’s given me the perspective I need

It’s given me a better perspective on my spending plan and my business. And honestly, it’s become something I now look forward to rather than dread!

The Blueprint Model helped me see that money doesn’t have to be scary. I don’t have to be afraid in my business all the time. In fact, understanding my numbers and making my money dates a priority has actually brought a lot of freedom to my life. Now I know not only what I have, but what I can do with it.

And that’s empowering!


*Kate Quin headshot taken by Jenna Kutcher


→ finally making money doing what you love!

→ providing real income for your family without having to sacrifice all your time and energy to the non-stop hustle.

→ transforming your business (and life!) just like hundreds of other men and women who’ve implemented this proven business blueprint.

If that sounds like a dream year, then I want to invite you to join us inside The Blueprint Model!


How making money dates a priority changed my business (and my life!) with Kate Quin. | Shanna Skidmore #myblueprintstory #theblueprintmodel #moneydate


April 18, 2019

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