Calculating Your Enough Number | Motherhood Anthology Podcast Feature

Calculating Your Enough Number | Motherhood Anthology Podcast Feature

What does “enough” look like to you? Do you know your “enough number”?

To me, enough is the place where abundance and contentment meet, and it’s different for every business owner.

I joined host Kim Box for a two-part episode on the Motherhood Anthology Podcast to chat about calculating your enough number, creating your own version of success, and finding harmony between work and motherhood.

This episode was super fun for me because we really got into the numbers! I’ll walk you through the five numbers every entrepreneur needs to know and how to use them to build a business that aligns with the life you want.

I don’t believe entrepreneurs need to be the CFO of their business, but you do need to be equipped to make strategic moves, and this interview will show you how!

Press play for the full episode or browse the highlights below!


“More is a moving target, but defining enough is a number that we set for ourselves.”

 – Shanna Skidmore

Highlights from Part 1 include:

  • How shadowing a floral designer led me to business consulting (6:11)
  • What it truly means to define enough and find your own version of success (8:15)
  • The most important thing to understand about defining your enough number (13:15)
  • The four core motivators of success – and why money isn’t one of them (14:40)
  • How to reverse engineer a step-by-step sales plan for your business using five key numbers (17:45)
  • Why I took a year off at the height of our business (25:43)
  • The biggest money mistakes creative entrepreneurs make in 2023 (34:39)
  • How to overcome imposter syndrome with a profitable pricing formula (38:01)

Highlights from Part 2 include:

  • How and why I run my business without social media (1:50)
  • The marketing advice I give all my students (8:48)
  • Two pieces of advice for new photographers starting out (13:10)
  • How I landed one of my largest clients through cold calling (16:04)
  • The power of chasing your curiosity and why it’s okay to be multi-passionate (17:59)
  • How to diversify your income through a scalable offer (23:10)
  • Tips for finding harmony between work and motherhood (26:53)
  • My favorite business books of all-time (27:53)

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July 20, 2023

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