From an Artist “Just Trying to Make it” to 49% Profit Margins. Ashley’s Story.

You probably didn’t start your business thinking about setting a goal for your business’s profit margins. You most likely lead with what you do best—how you serve people, what you create, and how you solve problems. And while shiny, exciting metrics shout for attention constantly—followers, subscribers, clicks, open-rates, you name it—there’s one key metric that will tell it like it is every time … money.

I believe the most important number you can look at each year in your business is the bottom-line, end-of-the-spreadsheet number … profit! I like to refer to profit as the “leftover” aka profit margins. (I share more on how to get this number in my Profitability Playbook here!) I love helping others get from surviving to healthy profit margins. And today, I’m so excited to share Ashley Triggiano’s story about how she want from “starving artist” to 49% profit margins in her business.

Ashley’s journey has taken her from ‘starving artist’, just trying to “make it”, to experiencing profitable success! Ashley invested in her business with programs like The Blueprint Model, Blueprint At Home, My Blueprint Year, and The Money Club, and saw incredible growth as a result. She brought on a team and has seen profit margins at 49% y’all! I am excited to have her on the blog to share her story!

Without further ado, Meet Ashley!


Let’s start with some fun stuff! Lightning Round, here we go:

Tell us what you do: 

Artist, Stationer and Live Wedding Painter!

Vice/Guilty Pleasure : 

Terrible Reality TV!

Favorite Snack :

Either something chocolatey, or salt and vinegar chips

Something you’re proud of: 

How far I’ve come in my business, taking risks, and building something beautiful from the ground up

What you’re currently working on: 

I’m currently working on hiring a Design Assistant so I can pull back from some of the day-to-day minutia and focus more on big picture goals

We probably wouldn’t guess…

That I spend a lot of weddings with one AirPod in painting live and listening to True Crime podcasts

Best advice ever received? 

It’s a little embarrassing that this is a quote from way back in my middle school years by Ralph Waldo Emerson that made it to a MySpace profile (I’m dating myself – right?), but its stuck with me my entire life and resonated. “Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day. You shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.”

Currently Reading/ Listening to/ Watching: 

If I’m not rewatching the office or schitts creek, I’m likely watching a new Master Chef with my husband or reading something by Cal Newport

Can’t live without… 

My Breville espresso machine – best. investment. ever

Secret Fantasy Job: 

Florist or Wedding Gown Designer!

What do you want everyone to know reading this? 

Gonna go sappy here. The world is so full of beauty, even amidst the hard days and the ugly parts. You are loved, you matter, and your existence is a gift to the world.


Let’s talk turkey, I mean, Business! 

How did you hear about Shanna? 

I think I found Shanna way way back through a podcast interview she did

In what ways have we worked together so far?! 

The Blueprint Model

Blueprint at Home

My Blueprint Year

The Money Club (our new membership community!)

Why did you decide to work with Shanna?

The fact that she had demonstrated helping fellow creatives define what success meant to them, and create a tangible roadmap to their own version of success

Tell me about the big ‘aha’ moments you had during The Blueprint Model! 

Setting boundaries and saying no is CRUCIAL. Saying no and defining enough and what matters to you personally is by far more important than chasing opportunities or being afraid of not doing enough

Tell me about one change or success you’ve experienced since working together! 

My accountant shared that they generally tell clients that a profit margin of 15% or more is indicative of a healthy business. By working with Shanna, my current year to date profit margin is 49%. That is INSANE and I am SO grateful!

Okay, real talk— What would you tell someone considering buying a course or working with Shanna? 

She is approachable, accessible, honest and genuinely cares about you and your business. You won’t regret getting to know her and learning from her!

“I was really drowning in the day-to-day of being an artist and trying to “make it” when I started working with Shanna through the Blueprint Model. Soon after implementing some changes, I became so busy that it was time for a team! In this season, I’m refining what business looks like again – and I know that by working with Shanna month in and month out, I will continue to make good choices that sustain and build a business that works for me and my family.

— Ashley Triggiano, Podcast Listener, Student and Raving Fan!

Ashley, thank you so much for sharing more of your story and experience working together. I am so grateful for such amazing students like you! And loved getting to know you better through this spotlight! 

Want more inspiration? Plenty more stories that are sure to inspire you, Click Here for more Student Success Stories! If you’re ready to feel empowered in your personal and/or business finances, I’d love to work together either 1:1 or or through my signature program, The Blueprint Model!





The Blueprint Model

The Money Club

My Blueprint Year Goal Setting Course & Business Planner

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Ashley Triggiano Fine Art

Ashley is an NC-based watercolor and acrylic artist who specializes in custom stationery, live wedding paintings and original artwork that honors life’s most cherished people, places and moments.


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July 17, 2023

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