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Being an entrepreneur was not the life I pictured for myself.

With a degree in art, psychology, and finance, I always felt like a misfit puzzle, unable to figure out how all those things fit together. I tried so many things before starting my business – accounting, investment banking, floral design.

A college internship helped me discover my passion for entrepreneurship, but I still never thought I would have my own company. My consulting work was meant to pay the bills while my husband finished his second degree. 

Now, a decade later, Kyle works full-time with me in the business and I’m able to work two days a week while caring for our daughter!

In this interview with Tiffany Sauder on the Scared Confident podcast, I’m sharing the story of how I took my business from a hobby to financially supporting our family.

We talk about how to define your vision for success, the foundations every entrepreneur needs to be successful, and how becoming a mom has changed my business.

Press play for the full interview or browse the highlights below!

“Numbers tell a story. And when you know how to read that story, it empowers you to make better decisions in your business.”

– Shanna Skidmore

Highlights include:

  • My journey from a Fortune 100 Financial Advisor to floral design to business owner (2:39)
  • Why you shouldn’t be the CFO of your business (5:40)
  • Advice for finding your passion and how to find work you truly love (14:58)
  • Why you should focus on how you want to feel, rather than what you want to do (18:06)
  • How to make your own framework for success and build a business based on your core motivators (20:14)
  • My decision to take a year-long sabbatical and how becoming a mom has changed my business (23:04)
  • How to move away from trading your time for money by creating scalable offers (28:30)
  • Tips for managing imposter syndrome and perfectionism as an entrepreneur (31:13)
  • The six building blocks of a successful business (37:19)
  • Advice for my 24-year-old self (40:14)





June 13, 2023

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