Navigating an Ever-Changing Marketing Strategy (+ Tax Saving Tips for Entrepreneurs)

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When I came back from taking a year off in 2020, the digital marketing landscape looked nothing like I remembered. The online course market had become crowded and competitive, and the marketing strategy we used to rely on was no longer effective.

Although we had to make some major shifts in our business model, navigating those challenges has made us stronger than ever. 

In this interview with D’Arcy Benincosa on the Play It Brave podcast, I’m sharing an inside look at my course creator journey and all the lessons learned along the way – from making $108,000 on my first launch to completely scrapping and rebuilding our marketing strategy. 

And because y’all know I can’t resist talking about the numbers side of things, I’m also sharing some quick tax tips every entrepreneur should know!

Press play for the full interview or browse the highlights below.

“There is enough business out there. The differentiator is you.”



Highlights include:

  • How and why I decided to quit social media (1:25)
  • Choosing the most effective marketing strategy and platform for your business (12:07)
  • Why you need to build a simultaneous marketing system that doesn’t rely on an algorithm you can’t control (18:30)
  • What to know before setting up a passive evergreen product and layering in different revenue streams (21:16)
  • What I learned from tearing down our marketing model and rebuilding from scratch (29:48)
  • The power of listening to your audience and understanding their needs (34:50)
  • The one question I asked that led to making $108,000 from my first launch (38:00)
  • How to bounce back from a launch that didn’t meet your expectations (39:47)
  • How to identify what you should focus on next in your business (41:36)
  • Signs you’re ready to hire a bookkeeper (45:15)
  • Quick tax tips every entrepreneur should know (49:23)
  • Where to start if you feel overwhelmed by the financial side of your business (55:00)

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June 27, 2023

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