The Best of June 2023

I’ve been feeling all the feels lately, but letting go of the whole “only 18 summers with your kids” thing has really helped take the pressure off. I’m soaking up the last summer with my little boo before she heads off to preschool this Fall, knocking out our summer bucket list one sweet memory at a time. 

After a bit of trial and error, I think we’ve found our stride mixing the excitement of Summer (fireworks til after 10 and spf50 filled sunny days by the pool) while also embracing the regular rhythms of laundry and nap time— with some much needed work hours thrown in sporadically here and there!

June Highlights : Business Edition

It’s a long story— but instead of choosing the word “optimize” as my word of the year, I chose the word “thrive”. It’s not that thrive isn’t my goal but OPTIMIZE has been our #1 focus (and will remain so) in business this year. 

With very limited working hours, we’ve had to trim the fat and drill down on what is actually working in the business. It’s been a lot of work on the back-end of the business which can sometimes feel slow.. but I am beyond thrilled for how all this hard work will pay off.

The biggest thing we are working on right now: A complete overhaul of our marketing and sales strategy.

When I came back from taking a year off in 2020, the digital marketing landscape looked nothing like I remembered. The online course market had become crowded and competitive, and the strategies we used to rely on were no longer effective.

Although we had to make some major shifts in our business model, navigating those challenges has made us stronger than ever. 

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We’re in that messy middle season right now that inevitably comes with any type of shift or pivot, I’ll report back once I see how it all works! 

Grateful For:

In the past two months we have on-boarded three new team members which is incredibly exciting!!! Our team is growing which definitely puts more pressure on the finances but has been such a gift to free up my time to focus on what I’m best at— coaching, writing content, working with students and clients!


June Highlights: Home Edition

We had a big May, with a weeklong trip to Maine followed by a Skidmore family beach trip to the beach (all sixteen of us!). So when we rolled into June with nothing on the calendar, it was so fun to enjoy days at home planting our herb garden and meeting neighbors by the pool.

Favorite Memories from June: 

  • Trying my hand at Top Golf for my sisters 40th birthday! 
  • A trip to Dollywood before the Spring decorations came down! 
  • A visit to the zoo with friends
  • Days by the Pool
  • And officially kicking off Summer with Pelican Snoballs (dreamsicle for the win!) 
  • Freedom Fest and MJ’s first time seeing fireworks
  • BBQ from a food truck 
  • Lots of twirling and watching Aladdin on repeat.

Currently Listening to: Disney Movie Soundtracks on repeat, toddler life!

Currently Watching : Season 2 of Growing Floret on Magnolia Network

Life is Sweet!



ps. For all my business owners, I just dropped: My Mid Year Review Process! Evaluate your goals, Course Correct, and Regain Momentum going into the Second half of the Year.




June 30, 2023

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