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Consider the Wildflowers Podcast Superlatives 2022

APPLE PODCASTS | SPOTIFY | STITCHER   Today is our final episode of 2022 and I wanted to end the year with something special. A little best of the best 2022 Podcast Recap—I’m passing out PODCAST SUPERLATIVES to five of my favorite episodes! A Look Back at 2022 Twenty-five episodes! Yall! I am truly floored […]




Today is our final episode of 2022 and I wanted to end the year with something special. A little best of the best 2022 Podcast Recap—I’m passing out PODCAST SUPERLATIVES to five of my favorite episodes!

A Look Back at 2022

Twenty-five episodes! Yall! I am truly floored that we have been at this for five straight months. Almost half a year of weekly episodes. I’ve had the honor to interview 24 incredible entrepreneurs and friends, we are just getting started! 

But before we count this thing down Ryan Seacrest style. I can not end the year without saying “thank you”. Whether this is the first episode you’ve tuned into, or you haven’t missed an episode yet… Thank you for pressing play each week. 

And thank you to our incredible first 24 guests. They gave of their time, shared their wins and lessons learned, the real behind the highlight reel, while this was still a baby podcast. I could not be more grateful and humbled. So a special shout out to our amazing guests! 

By the Numbers

Since I’m the numbers gal, I wanted to do a little By the Numbers Podcast style and give you some fun stats from our first 25 episodes!

  • Consider the Wildflowers debuted on the Entrepreneur charts at #30! 
  • Because of you and your dedication to listening each week, the podcast exceeded 10k downloads in our first 5 months! 
  • And as of this recording we sit at 31 5 star reviews! 

Thank you for the Love! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Though I don’t know how to personally respond to your reviews, I read every single one. Your encouraging words and feedback mean so much to me and to our guests! 

Here are a few of my favorite reviews so far.


Consider the Wildflowers Podcast Superlatives!

To send off 2022 and celebrate the year we launched the podcast, I am passing out Consider the Wildflowers superlatives to five of my favorite episodes thus far. 

And while picking a favorite episode was what I would imagine picking a favorite child to be like, impossible! These are five episodes that have been so impactful to me (in no particular order) and I want to make sure you didn’t miss them!

1. Episode 024. Liz Hartke: Mindset of a Leader

I would call Liz one of my new business besties! We were connected this year through a former team member of mine, Marienna, who has also had the pleasure of working with Liz. Talk about kindred spirits! I have absolutely loved getting to know this lady and her episode is serious GOLD. As Liz shared the story of seeing her mom burning the midnight oil to catch up on work, because she chose to spend her days being a present mom— I saw myself. And while I’m so grateful to have a business that provides the flexibility to spend time with my daughter during the day, Liz’s episode truly inspired me to not just have a business that provides flexibility, but one that provides freedom as well. The Most likely to Quietly take over the World superlative goes to Liz Hartze! 

Listen to the full Episode, here.


2. Episode 08. Jen Olmstead: When the Dream doesn’t Feel Dreamy

“Don’t let anyone trick you into chasing a dream that isn’t yours” – Mic drop. and the “Most likely to win a Pulitzer” goes to Jen Olmstead! This episode with Jen was everything I needed to hear and so much more. I’ve built my entire business with the belief that you can design a business purpose-built for the life you want. It’s what I teach my clients and students every day. But holding onto that dream, living it out, letting it pivot and shift with the changing seasons—isn’t easy. Jen gave us the real behind the highlight reel as she pulled the curtain back on the wins and challenges in building her own million dollar business. This episode is so rich with incredible content, it’s a must listen for sure!

Listen to the full Episode, here.


3. Episode 05. Candice Coppola: From Broke and Ashamed to Financial Freedom.

 If you’re looking for an episode that will keep you laughing while also going incredibly deep, Candice Coppola absolutely wins the “Most likely to be on a reality show” superlative. Real Housewives, Danbury Correctional Facility, and not paying your taxes—yup, it’s all here. Candice opens up about the toll  keeping up with the *name said influencer here* can take on your company health, financial health, and personal health. Her story will leave you belly laughing and completely inspired. 

Listen to the full Episode, here. 


4. Episode 018. Amy Osaba: Building a 7-Figure Floral Design Business

If I were handing out superlatives ten years ago when I met this wonderful lady, I would have for sure given her the “most likely to win the lottery and lose the ticket” superlative. Love you girl! Amy Osaba is one of my dearest friends and our business journey’s are so interwoven. She is the reason I have a business today, and I think she might say the same. So many business owners I meet start a business from a hobby, a passion, a curiosity or like in Amy’s case a need to make a few dollars. What started as a side gig, quickly turned into her sole income as a newly single mom with three small boys. Though numbers haven’t always come naturally to her, Amy shares how she went from the brink of bankruptcy to building a 7-figure floral design business. She definitely wins the Most Changed since Freshman Year” superlative.

Listen to the full Episode, here.


5. Episode 07. Chad & Becca Campbell: Turning sleepless nights into a million dollar education company. 

Because everyone is curious but most people secretly want to Regina George the “Most Popular” superlative, Chad & Becca Campbell’s episode was the most downloaded of the year! And for good reason, not only are Becca & Chad completely lovely as human beings and it’s always fun to hear from a husband and wife team… their story is so relatable. It wasn’t quick journey to building a million dollar company, it was slow, often painful, long days and restless nights. Their story is the entrepreneurial journey. It takes time but it’s oh so worth it! 

Listen to the full Episode, here.


Wow! What a year! Thank you for listening, thank you for sharing, thank you for reviewing. It’s an honor to show up in your ear buds each week. 

And as Oprah would say— “Cheers to a new year, and another chance to get things right”

Here’s to 2023! 






December 29, 2022

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