Spotlight: with artist Amanda Michele Brown

I used to dream that my job would be taking women out to coffee and talking about life and business and everything in between. Now as I look back almost a decade into owning my own business, I truly feel that dream has come to life!

It is such an honor to work with such incredible humans chasing after their own work dreams!

A few months ago I stumbled across on article spotlighting my student Amanda Michele Brown of Amanda Michele Art. In the article she contributed The Blueprint Model for helping doubling her art sales in just one year! WHAT A WIN! I knew we had to get her on the blog to spotlight her amazing work and business journey! 

Meet Amanda!


Let’s start with some fun stuff! Lightning Round, here we go:

Tell us what you do:

I am an Artist and Graphic Designer.

Vice/Guilty Pleasure :

Reading trashy books

Favorite Snack :

cheese and crackers

Something you’re proud of:

my tenacity and my compassion

What you’re currently working on:

Recovering from my first solo show and growing a baby

We probably wouldn’t guess…

I was a baby model.

Best advice ever received?

“Today is not forever” – My mom

Currently Reading: 

“The Baby on the Fire Escape: Creativity, Motherhood, and the Mind-Baby Problem” by Julie Phillips → decidedly not a trashy book.

Can’t live without…

New York bagels

Secret Fantasy Job:

I’m living mine!

What do you want everyone to know reading this?

You can do great things!


Let’s talk turkey, I mean, Business! 

How did you hear about Shanna?

Honestly, I don’t remember. I think she just magically appeared when I needed her.

In what ways have we worked together so far?! 

✓ The Blueprint Model

✓ My Blueprint Year

✓ In-person Event

Why did you decide to work with Shanna?

She wasn’t very “show-y.” I respected that she had a private life that she didn’t feel like sharing or monetizing every aspect of. As an out-going but private person, it felt like I found kind of my person. 

Tell me about the big ‘aha’ moments you had during The Blueprint Model!

It came early in The Blueprint Model: That success is what I define it. It seems like so many biz coaches push more more more (hire all the people so you can do all the things and make a million bajillion dollars), and I never really wanted that. I find fulfillment within my own definition of success, which is to be happy, comfortable, and independent.

Tell me about one change or success you’ve experienced since working together!

Just one?! The biggest was quitting my job to work for myself full-time and making more money doing that.

Okay, real talk— What would you tell someone considering buying a course or working with Shanna?

Trust the process. Everything you learn layers on top of each other and help creates a stronger foundation for your business.


Anything this woman puts out is gold. Her Blueprint Model course changed my art business and helped me double my sales within a year. Plus she’s super sweet IRL.

— Amanda Michele Art, Interview on


Amanda, thank you so much for sharing more of your story and experience working together. I am so grateful for such amazing students like you! And loved getting to know you better through this spotlight! 

Want more inspiration? Plenty more stories that are sure to inspire you, Click Here for more Student Success Stories! If you’re ready to feel empowered in your personal and/or business finances, I’d love to work together either 1:1 or or through my signature program, The Blueprint Model!





The Blueprint Model

Amanda’s interview on

Find Amanda’s work on Artsy



Amanda Michele Brown

Amanda Michele Brown is an Arkansas-born and Wisconsin-raised abstract artist currently living and creating in the Gowanus area of Brooklyn, New York. Her colorful and energetic paintings are experiments in duality, balancing chaos with order to visually mirror the dichotomy of feelings tied to memories. In February, she closed out her nearly sold out solo show at 440 Gallery. Her work is in many private collections across the U.S. as well as Australia, Austria, South Africa and the United Kingdom.


Website | Instagram




March 21, 2023

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