Our Favorite Holiday Themed Children’s Books

It’s no secret that our little baby girl is a total bookworm and I cannot tell you how much it warms my heart to hear her sitting on the floor “reading” herself a book. Her sweet little animated voice melts my heart. So naturally, her seasonal pillow loving mama has now become obsessed with collecting seasonal children’s books! 

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We are so grateful to have inherited many of these books from cousins, neighbors and friends. But if you’re looking for a great stocking stuffer or gift idea beyond the toy department, pass this list over to grandma and she’ll get your little one hooked up with a few I’m sure! 

Without further ado, our Favorite Holiday Themed Children’s Books below!


1) Sounding Joy. We are huge fans of Ellie Holcomb in this household. Basically anything she does we want to support. Her other two children’s books are our favorite favorites so of course when her new Christmas book came out we were first in line! 

2) Both Christmas books by Lara Hawthorne are absolutely gorgeous. 12 Days of Christmas and Silent Night. Since Madelyn was just nine months old last Christmas I stuck mostly with board books. So I’m excited for her to enjoy these books more this year. 

3) We love the Little Blue Truck series and Little Blue Truck’s Christmas did not disappoint! It lights up! What could be better? The twinkle lights are magical and a year later are still going strong! 

4) I grew up on the Berenstain Bears so we have a lot from this collection many of which were my own as a child! So sweet #vintage. As far as I understand, Stan and Jan Berenstain were the husband and wife team who started the series. After Stan passed away their son Mike began co-writing with his mom, Jan. And now Mike Berenstain has carried on his parents legacy and continues to write. If you are looking for the original/vintage books look for the ones written by Jan & Stan! The Berenstain Bears’ Merry Christmas has 2 books in 1 containing Mad, Mad, Mad Toy Craze and Meet Santa Bear.


On Our Holiday Themed Book Wish List:

5) Of course we love our Sandra Boynton books, so I’m eyeing Merry Christmas, Little Pookie and Moo, Baa, Fa La La this year! 

6) The Nancy Tillman children’s books are not only beautifully illustrated but seriously make me cry, the words are so special. Says as she adds The Spirit of Christmas to Amazon cart. 

7) Shockingly we are still missing some Christmas classics : Polar Express and How the Grinch stole Christmas are on our list this year! 

8) Last but not least, I really like Eric Carle’s Valentines book and Halloween book so I’m thinking I may add Peekaboo Christmas to the wish list this year!  


There you have it! Our favorite Holiday Themed Children’s books and those on our wish list this year! 

Merry Christmas! 

May you cherish these sweet moments and enjoy these beautiful reads.



Tell Me in the Comments:

What’s your kiddos favorite Holiday Themed Children’s book?




November 5, 2022

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