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Years ago while being interviewed for a podcast, the host asked “How do you celebrate?” I paused, speechless. It was at that moment that I realized I don’t often stop and make intentional space to celebrate well. While I’m by no means perfect, I am trying so much harder to make celebration intentional and often. That’s why when I met Kait Saunders, a student of my signature program The Blueprint Model, and learned that her company is all about helping others celebrate well, I was instantly obsessed! 

I’m beyond thrilled for you to get to hang out with her today for our Student Spotlight! And y’all go now and buy her amazing calendar, I love it!!


Let’s start with some fun stuff! Lightning Round, here we go:

Tell us what you do: I help people celebrate well and find a little fun in the everyday with  products and resources that encourage memory-making & celebrating!  The main product I create is a wall calendar full of holidays called The Curious Year. 🎉

Vice/Guilty Pleasure : Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups 😍

Favorite Snack : Popcorn!

Something you’re proud of: My baby girl just turned 1 and woof, what a year and what a feat! 🙌🏼🥳 

What you’re currently working on: I’m finalizing The Curious Year 2023 calendar to send off to the printer… And then will be on to prepping for the holiday season! *cue Mariah Carey music playing faintly in the background*

We probably wouldn’t guess… I’m 5’1” – I feel like when you only know someone in an online capacity, it’s funny to realize their height in real life because oftentimes someone is much taller or shorter than you thought! My friends and I love to make a game of trying to guess celebrity’s heights 😂

Best advice ever received? “Let it be easy” ☀️

Currently Reading/ Listening to/ Watching: I just started watching The Great British Bake Off for the first time… HOW have I been missing out on this delightful show all these years?! 

Can’t live without… Coffee first thing in the morning!

Secret Fantasy Job: I would love to run a brick-and-mortar “celebration” store someday… It’d be a one stop shop for all your celebration needs: balloons, flowers, cards, gifts, cakes & treats… it’d be a dream! 

What do you want everyone to know reading this? Gosh, thank you to anyone reading this – I hope that some part of my story and/or business encourages you!


Let’s talk turkey, I mean, Business! 

How did you hear about Shanna?

Kait: I heard about Shanna & the Blueprint Model through Nancy Ray’s Work & Play Podcast!

Shanna: Nancy is just the best and I love her podcast as well!! I’m sending her virtual hugs for sending you my way!

In what ways have we worked together so far?! 

✓ The Blueprint Model

Why did you decide to work with Shanna?

Kait: Before going through The Blueprint Model, I was just going about things in my business without a tangible plan. I have so many ideas that I love to act on, but the financial piece of business has always been more of an obstacle for me. My process for looking into my numbers was just not there – I’m not a financially savvy person and I found that side of things very intimidating. 

The Blueprint Model was really attractive to me because of the way you (Shanna) shared about equipping business owners (especially women that don’t have a background in finance!) to really understand the numbers side of their business so that they feel knowledgeable and empowered in their business. My husband also works in finance and he kept being like “I could help you with this! Do you really need this class? And I was like, “I know you can help me with this, but I want (and need!) to know and understand this stuff for myself!”

Shanna: I love hearing that Kait and thank you for trusting me! I totally agree, so important (and empowering) to know these numbers for yourself! 

Tell me about the big ‘aha’ moments you during the 6-week progam!

Kait: Your (Shanna’s) whole approach to business changed my mindset around my work entirely. The Blueprint Model ended up teaching me about so much more than just the money piece – it also revealed to me my primary motivators for my work and  helped me really hone in on and figure out my “why.” My biggest takeaway was how to align my business model with our family’s personal values and life goals. I learned that you really can build this business to fit your life and it doesn’t need to look like everyone else’s! That was incredibly freeing along with the numbers piece! Those two things just made me so much more excited and motivated about my business.  

Shanna: I love hearing these takeaways from the program, Kait. And yes, so much freedom in the core motivators framework!

Share one change or success you’ve experienced since working together! 

I feel so much less overwhelmed and I just feel excited and motivated to take next steps in the right direction! The Blueprint Model helped me gain knowledge of my numbers and pricing so I can be equipped moving forward, knowing what dollar amount I need to cover the cost of making my products in order to grow my business and support our life and lifestyle. Shanna’s curriculum really helped me gain understanding and confidence in the numbers side, but really all sides of my business. And I’m so grateful!

Okay, real talk— What would you tell someone considering buying a course or working with Shanna?

Shanna is THE BEST. She is incredibly gifted and passionate about making the finance side of things SO much easier to figure out and maintain going forward!! She is a joy to listen to and learn from. 

Shanna is THE BEST. She is incredibly gifted and passionate about making the finance side of things SO much easier to figure out and maintain going forward!! She is a joy to listen to and learn from. 


Kait, thank you so much for sharing more of your story and experience with The Blueprint Model. I am so grateful for such amazing students like you! And loved getting to know you better through this spotlight! 

Want more inspiration? Plenty more stories that are sure to inspire you, Click Here for more Money Makeovers! If you’re ready to feel empowered in your personal and/or business finances, I’d love to work together either 1:1 or or through my signature program, The Blueprint Model!





The Blueprint Model

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Kait Saunders

Hey there, I’m Kait! I have a product-based business called A Little Something Goods, and the main product that I sell is a wall calendar full of fun holidays called The Curious Year. My passion is to help people celebrate well & find a little fun in every day!

Connect with Kait:

Website | Instagram




November 14, 2022

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