How to Grow Your Business Without Social Media | Work and Play Podcast Feature

How to Grow Your Business Without Social Media | Work and Play Podcast Feature

If there’s one thing I’m known for besides talking about money, it’s my decision to quit social media.

What started as a year-long break in 2017 has turned into a completely different way of doing business. Since replacing our Instagram traffic with long-form content, I’m able to put down my phone and be present with my family – all while doubling our revenue!

In this episode of Work and Play with Nancy Ray, Nancy and I share our experiences going social-media free. We talk about struggling with FOMO, managing your expectations, and the best marketing channels to grow your business without social media.

If you’re feeling stuck or like you “have” to be on Instagram to build a successful business, this conversation will be an eye-opener. There are a thousand ways to grow a business and social media is only one of them!

I truly believe that you can design a business around the life you want. Quitting social media may not be for everyone, but for me, the pros heavily outweighed the cons.

Press play to hear our full conversation or browse the highlights below!


“I learned a long time ago that if you chase every single dollar, you lose a lot of dollars.”

— Shanna Skidmore

Highlights include:

  • Nancy’s experience taking a six-month break from social media (2:19)
  • My journey with Instagram and why I chose to leave (14:21)
  • How to prepare for a break from social media and what you need to have in place beforehand (17:03)
  • The impact leaving social media had on my bottom line and how we doubled our revenue without Instagram (19:31)
  • My top marketing strategies for growing an audience off of social media (23:01)
  • How I’ve built know, like, and trust with my audience without Instagram (24:20)
  • The difference between a celebrity and a hero, and how to decide which one you want to be in your business (27:49)
  • How to break your phone addiction and tips for learning to be more present (29:38)
  • Tips for staying in touch with my friends without social media (31:58)
  • Why every entrepreneur should try time tracking (37:03)
  • How I replaced website traffic from Instagram with long-form content (40:36)
  • Tracking your analytics to determine which marketing channels are the most profitable and least time-consuming (44:53)
  • How to simplify your business using The Blueprint Model (47:45)

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July 11, 2023

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