From $2k-$20k: How Ash Bush 10x’d her shop sales in 30 days

What if I could show you how to actually make more $$ without working more hours (or maybe even cutting down on your hours?!)

In today’s Student Spotlight my student Ash Bush will show you that is absolutely possible! By implementing one simple strategy she was able to 10x her shop sales in just 30 days. From $2k to $20k per month without increasing her hours (just adjusting where her time was spent!)

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Ash Bush Case Study

In Shanna’s Words:

I see this same thing happen with clients and students all the time; believing that the highest priced-offer should be where the most time and energy is spent. Whether custom commission pieces for artists or the twelve hour wedding photography package for photographers or custom calligraphy projects for paper goods designers, too often the focus is on increasing pricing when in fact we should be focused on profit and profit potential of our offers instead!

This is a concept I teach very early in my signature program, The Blueprint Model, and a concept that completely changed the trajectory of Ash Bush’s business!

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By the Numbers:


  1. Spending 80+% of time on custom calligraphy projects
  2. Making $1-2k on average per calligraphy project
  3. Calligraphy bringing in 15% of overall sales but getting most of Ash’s time and attention


  1. Started transitioning time away from custom calligraphy projects to focus time on shop
  2. Increased shop sales from $2k-$20k in a matter of months by giving the right time to the right things
  3. Making less $ per transaction but more $$ per hour of her time!

In Ash’s Words:

“I’ve been in business at since 2014. While I work as a calligrapher on custom wedding goods, I mostly spend my time operating my shop, selling calligraphy pens, notepads, kits, and more. I love the work of keeping that online shop up and running. But if I’m honest, I’d definitely tell you that I didn’t see it going that way when I first set out on this journey.

Even though I started selling the pens on my website, I didn’t see this little unexpected shop as a major addition to my business. In my eyes, it was sort of a side hustle. I kept my focus on calligraphy and weddings—that was where I thought my business was going to grow.

So when I took the Blueprint Model, I did so with that in mind.

At the time, I was focusing all my energy on what I thought was the moneymaker in my business. One calligraphy project brought in a bigger number than one sale in my shop so I thought I was focusing on the right thing. But when I finally sat down and crunched the numbers, I was shocked at the result.

I realized only 10% of my business sales—the calligraphy and design—was taking up 90% of my time. It was the shop that was actually making me the most money over time, and I was giving it the least amount of my efforts!

When I gave my shop the time it deserved, I saw the results right away. Once I implemented a thoughtful strategy to the shop, my sales went from $2,000 to $20,000 in just a month!

Products / Offers Purchased:

The Blueprint Model

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August 19, 2021

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