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Andrea is the type of student / client / friend every business owner longs to have. She is like sunshine ☀️—she encourages me so much and reminds me of the impact my work has. I am so grateful for the time we’ve gotten to spend together over the years and for the opportunity to watch her business grow. Over the years we’ve gotten to become friends and walk through the ups and downs of business, life, a pandemic, and more. 

From the time I’ve spent with Andrea I know her to be kind, encouraging, driven, and incredibly loyal! I’m beyond thrilled for you to get to hang out with her today for our Student Spotlight!


Let’s start with some fun stuff! Lightning Round, here we go:

Tell us what you do: Wedding & Event Planner (to Chicago’s North Shore)

Vice/Guilty Pleasure : Well, I wish I didn’t feel guilt over food, but ice cream! Graeter’s Caramel Macchiato Crunch Ice Cream to be specific.

Favorite Snack : Popcorn! It’s healthier than ice cream… right?!

Something you’re proud of : My kids. <3 To see them thriving and happy makes me prouder than anything else. 

What you’re currently working on : Retaking The Blueprint Model now that my business is shifting to full service clients only and my kids are both in school full time.

We probably wouldn’t guess… I’m Canadian (this is more like a ‘you won’t need to guess’…. I am pretty proud of my home country and not shy to share that!). 

Best advice ever received?Remember when you wished for what you have now.” It’s a good grounding piece that reminds me to take in the moment. I’m always looking forward that sometimes I forget to appreciate all that I’ve done/experienced already. 

Currently Reading/ Listening to: Watching: Just finished “The Bear” and cannot recommend it enough! / Listening: too many podcasts to list! / Reading: Stolen Focus

Can’t live without… My AirPods. Coffee. Wine. How do I pick?

Secret Fantasy Job: Mystery Spa Shopper/Reviewer (can that be a thing?!)

What do you want everyone to know reading this? That I’m so thankful to be part of this community. 


Let’s talk turkey, I mean, Business!

How did you hear about Shanna?

Oh Ashlyn Carter had a (unsurprisingly) well written email about a “Bringing Basics Back Workshop” that I signed up for at the end of 2017 (I was just a mere few months into my entrepreneurial venture)… I will never forget how impactful that mini series was and crying as I watched it.

Well, gosh Ashlyn is just the best! I’m sending her virtual hugs for sending you my way! In what ways have we worked together so far?!

✓ The Blueprint Model

✓ Blueprint at Home

✓ My Blueprint Year

✓ The Money Club (Our new membership coming in 2023! Currently in beta for current students only!)

✓ 1:1 Coaching

✓ In-Person Event

Oh hey VIP! You’ve done it all! 🧡 Tell me, why did you decide to work with Shanna?

Oh I still have the email I wrote to Shanna asking if it was the right time to invest and it says “I found the time to “binge” your videos and found myself weeping while I made dinner with the iPad on. Your testimonials from Alum Tell All is seriously one of the most moving things I have watched in a long time (take that Oprah!).  And then I asked “are you really the magical unicorn I think you might be?”. I just felt like she was going to be able to make things click in my head… and I was right. I cannot imagine where I would be had Blueprint not been such a foundational building block of my business.

Well, if anyone is a magical unicorn 🦄 it is definitely you darling! Tell me about the big ‘aha’ moments you had working together.

Oh too many to list. Overall you made me understand everything about accounting and managing money that multiple University accounting courses failed to. I understand profit. I understand how to price myself. I understand how to pay myself. I understand how to manage money.

Tell me about one change or success you’ve experienced since working together!

Confidence. I confidently understand money, and my numbers.

Okay, real talk— What would you tell someone considering buying a course or working with Shanna?

That Blueprint and Shanna is the best investment I’ve made in/for myself.  And I should know, I’ve invested in every product/program she’s offered.

Anything else you’d like to share about you, your story, or your business?

I’m not the biggest business, I don’t make multiple 6-figures annually. But I understand my need, my profit, and how to price my services to provide money to my family.  If I ever feel lost or overwhelmed, I go back to the basics of what Shanna taught me.  I’m confidently changing my business/service/pricing model thanks to Shanna. #fanforlife

If I ever feel lost or overwhelmed, I go back to the basics of what Shanna taught me.  I’m confidently changing my business/service/pricing model thanks to Shanna. #fanforlife

Gosh, I am just so grateful for amazing clients/students like Andrea! What an incredible success story! Want more inspiration? Plenty more stories that are sure to inspire you, Click Here for more Student Success Stories! If you’re ready to feel empowered in your personal and/or business finances, I’d love to work together either 1:1 or through one of my finance programs, meet The Blueprint Collection!





The Blueprint Model

Blueprint at Home

My Blueprint Year

The Money Club (Coming 2023)


Andrea Smith

Andrea Smith, is the owner and planner behind SoiréeSmith, a planning company that serves the North Shore of Chicago. Leaving behind a decade in catering sales for prestigious hotel brands (such as Four Seasons and Waldorf Astoria) and two children later, she was inspired to start creating event experiences from all logistical and creative angles. Founded in 2017, the SoiréeSmith mission is to ensure their clients feel like guests at their own events.

Connect with Andrea:

Website | Instagram




October 18, 2022

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