Holiday Gift Giving: Think Outside the Box 2022

I think when it comes to Holiday shopping, we tend to envision our loved ones unwrapping a beautiful gift thoughtfully picked out for them. But if you’re anything like our family, it looks more like tiny humans ripping through paper and boxes Ariana Grande style like “thank you, next!”

Though I love a good Christmas wish list and opening much desired and/or much needed items … in the grand scheme of life, typically things lose their joy quickly while experiences and making memories live on for the long haul. 

A few years ago we published our first “Gifting Experiences” guide and I wanted to share a few more ideas of ideas I’m loving. While some of these do actually come in boxes, they create experiences and memories that last!

1) Magazine subscription. I have gifted the Magnolia journal magazine subscription to friends and ask for my own subscription each year. It’s always so fun to receive my quarterly magazine and to know friends I’ve gifted the subscription to are feeling loved not just one day a year, but on-going throughout the year. 

2) On a similar note, I have also loved receiving a vinyl subscription. A few years ago Kyle bought me a record player and a subscription to Drew Holcomb’s Magnolia Record Club. I loved receiving a new vinyl in the mail each month and it really built up my vinyl collection.

3) One thing we have implemented for the last few years is collecting ornaments that represent that year. We want to build up a collection of ornaments for Madelyn when she is an adult and I love that these yearly ornaments represent something meaningful throughout the year. I bought this “demo day” ornament for Kyle one year when we renovated our house, and this year I’m eyeing this stack of books ornament for Madelyn because she is a total bookworm! Bonus points for an ornament that has the year listed! 

4) Looking for a great way to treat the ladies (or gents) in your life?! A day at the spa is a perfect gift. If you aren’t sure what type of spa service to choose, a spa gift card works just as well! 

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5) As someone who loves gardening, I am always planning out my fall and spring garden. Even if the person in your life isn’t an avid gardener, buying a small bulb pack or seed kit is such a fun way to get your hands in the dirt and try something new! When that flower blooms in the spring, it will be such a sweet memory to share together! My go to shops are White Flower Farm and Floret Flowers.

6) A great way to create a new tradition or family memory is a new puzzle or game for your family to try on Christmas day. We always love playing games on Christmas day and this is such a fun tradition. I am a big fan of the True South Puzzles and we recently discovered the game, Codenames, and love it! 

7) For the past year I’ve been journaling in this beautiful one line a day journal. It’s been so fun to recount a little moment from each day or what Madelyn is learning and I’m grateful to record these memories. This is the gift that keeps on giving as I know this journal will be cherished for years to come! 

To creating sweet memories this Holiday season,






November 16, 2022

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