The Best Of Two-Cents Tuesdays 2018

The Best Of two-cents tuesdays 2018 | You asked the tough questions and I responded with one of my favorite series, Two-Cents Tuesdays. As much as I would love to 1:1 coach all my students, my accessibility to over 500 students isn’t possible. Which is why we created Two Cents Tuesday, a Q&A style video where you can submit your top questions while I answer in this fun video style! Here are your top five favorite Two-Cent Tuesdays | Shanna Skidmore

Our top five Two-Cents Tuesdays from “The Best Of 2018” Series

About eight years ago, I started working with creative entrepreneurs. My husband and I had just moved states for him to pursue a new passion and I left my five year career in finance to try something new. I landed a dream job working with a start-up fashion designer.

This was my front row seat opportunity to see all things creative business. From operations to fashion shows, trips to Hong Kong, down to the spreadsheets and numbers—this was my lightbulb moment.

What I soon learned is this: you can have a GREAT product, but if you don’t know how to make it profitable, friend, that dream is never going to float.

That’s when my mission was born to bridge the gap between the finance world and the creative world. To make finance and business more approachable and less intimidating! We strive each day to provide relevant, meaningful tools to help more of you make money doing what you love!

But I heard once as your audience grows, your accessibility has to decrease. While I’m so thankful for how this company has grown over the years, it’s been hard to not have the availability to each of you as much as I would like!

So in 2018, we started a fun way to giveback and answer your burning questions Q&A style! Two-Cents Tuesdays took off and I’ve loved being able to answer your questions in this way!

While there are plenty more to choose from on my YouTube channel, these five Two-Cents Tuesdays definitely seemed to resonate with each of you!

Best of 2018 Two-Cents Tuesdays #1

How to Overcome Objections & Avoid Discounting your price

Big Takeaway : If a potential client is saying no to your price, it means for one reason or another they are not associating the value of the offer equal to the price you are charging. So our goal in our sales process is to make sure perceived value = actual value and therefore the price we charge!

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Best of 2018 Two-Cents Tuesdays #2

Should I discount my price to book the client?

Big Takeaway : We all have to build our reputation as well as our skills and that takes actually having clients! But when you’re trying to build up your business it’s important to work with the client on price. Always remember if they pay less they should get less! Discounting just to book the client actually hurts you in the long run (not to mention the entire industry!)

So next time you’re faced with the choice to book the client at a lower price or not at all, offer to work with the client to find a budget that feels more “comfortable” price-wise by offering some creative ways to lower the actual time or cost to produce the good.

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Best of 2018 Two-Cents Tuesdays #3

How to create products and services your ideal clients can’t wait to buy

Big Takeaway : When deciding what new services or products to offer instead of wondering what potential clients would buy, Go ask them! Surveying the market is a sure way to create products and services your ideal clients can’t wait to buy!

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Best of 2018 Two-Cents Tuesdays #4

How I track my finances month-by-month without being constantly tied to my bank account

Big Takeaway : Managing your money month-to-month doesn’t have to be a painful process! Steal my four-step process + Free Checklist to make managing your business finances easy without being constantly tied to your bank account!

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Best of 2018 Two-Cents Tuesdays #5

What to do when you aren’t booking portfolio work?

Big Takeaway : Establishing your “look” is important as you work to establish a cohesive, recognizable brand. I really encourage, especially in those first few years of business when you’re finding your style, your voice, your brand aesthetic—to not worry so much about taking on lots of different type of work.

We all have to do work that pays the bills! But with that said, I recommend only putting out visuals of work you actually would want to do again!

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So there you have it. Our top five Two-Cents Tuesdays most burning questions and answers.

Ps. Do you have a question you’d love for me to tackle in 2019? Don’t be shy! I’m here to help. Send us an email at with the subject “Two-Cents Tuesdays”. 


The best of 2018 questions and answers all about money and profitable businesses. | Shanna Skidmore #creative #business


December 13, 2018

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