The Best Of Podcasts 2018

The Best Of Podcasts 2018 | As part of our “Best of 2018” series I’m sharing our top five podcast episodes chosen by YOU this year! We’re talking all things business, finance, social media free and taking time off. Tune in here! | Shanna Skidmore #podcast #theblueprintmodel #moneytalks

Our top five Podcasts from “The Best Of 2018” Series

I think curiosity has always served me well and that’s what podcasts are always about! Staying curious.

It is always such an honor to get asked to speak on podcasts. But here’s a little secret you may or may not know about me… I get major stage fright! While I love getting to speak, I always get that whoozie-doozie feeling right before I go on stage! But podcasts, oh how I love them!

While I sit on the line of introversion/extroversion, anyone else with me?! I definitely need an “introvert moment”—as my team calls it—every now and again. Which is why I just absolutely love to chat on podcasts.

While I could no sooner choose my favorite Christmas movie than pick just five podcasts favorites, here are a few crowd favorites from 2018!

Feature #1

Raw Milk Podcast Feature: Business and Finance for Creative Entrepreneurs

In this Podcast Feature with Beth Kirby of Raw Milk, we’re talking all things business and finance and how understanding your business finances can be easier than you think (and key to keep you creating longer!) Plus, I’m sharing updates on my social media free experiment and how to succeed with marketing sans the highlight reel and comparison game. It’s a good one!

Feature #2

Brands that Book Feature: Five Common $$ Pitfalls

Guys, this interview with Davey Jones of the Brands that Book podcast is SO good! I’m sharing FIVE common money pitfalls and how to avoid them. I think you’re going to relate so much to this conversation with Davey and get some strategies you can implement immediately to start seeing more cash in your bank account!

Feature #3

Steadfast Society Podcast Feature: How to Build a business on your terms

During my year long social media free experiment, I sat down with Beth Harper of Steadfast Society and shared my philosophy of “business built for life” and how to build a business on your terms (for the life you actually want to live). Going social media free for eighteen months turned out to be one of (if not the) best decisions I’ve made for myself, my family and my business. My goal was to learn more about marketing (which I can confidently say I have) with an unexpected bi-product of self-confidence, contentment and trust.

Feature #4

The Goal Digger Podcast Feature: Four Numbers to know in your business

I truly do believe a few simple (but not easy) steps can make all the difference in our businesses. Taking sabbaticals, steady paychecks and feelings of success and happiness often come back to the basics, the fundamentals. I’m excited to break those down with Jenna on the Goal Digger Podcast and hopefully take some fear out of looking at your numbers!

Feature #5

Creative Empire Podcast Feature: How to take time off without losing momentum

Have you ever felt like if you looked away from your business for even a moment – it might fall apart or completely lose traction? For an entrepreneur, it’s terrifying to think about putting on the brakes! But what do you do when you are desperate, exhausted and producing work that you know isn’t your best – well, if you are like me, you might just decide to take a month off…

In this episode I sat down with Reina Pomeroy & Christina Scalera of the Creative Empire Podcast to talk about how taking time off in my business and not burning myself out has actually been the key to building a better business + a better life.

Well friends there you have it. Five killer podcast features and absolutely crowd favorites. Gosh, podcasts are just a great way to hand out some #truthbombs while multi-tasking folding laundry (gotta love that!).

You can read more of our favorites from 2018 in The Best of 2018 Series.

Our top five podcast features all about money + finance, social media free and business. | Shanna Skdimore #creative #entrepreneur


December 6, 2018

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