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Tiffany Eurich: Landing Big Press for Your Small Business

APPLE PODCASTS | SPOTIFY If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing your business featured in major media outlets like Forbes or NBC, that dream may be closer than you think! Dr. Tiffany Eurich is a communications strategist and educator for passion-driven entrepreneurs. A former professor and TV personality, she’s helped her clients land features in places like Real […]

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If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing your business featured in major media outlets like Forbes or NBC, that dream may be closer than you think!

Dr. Tiffany Eurich is a communications strategist and educator for passion-driven entrepreneurs. A former professor and TV personality, she’s helped her clients land features in places like Real Simple and Better Homes and Gardens – and now she’s sharing how you can do the same.

In our conversation, you’ll hear about Tiffany’s genius marketing framework, tips for pitching your business to the media, and how you can turn a crowded industry into your secret weapon.

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TV Personality Turned Professor

After completing her Master’s and Ph.D. in communications, Tiffany Eurich became a TV producer and personality, hosting everything from the news to a travel show. After leaving TV, she returned to the academic world to become a university professor.

“When people ask me, ‘When did you know you wanted to start a business?’, truthfully I can’t tell you,” Tiffany says. “It was a slow-growing process.”

Tiffany grew up in an entrepreneurial family, and after a few years of teaching, she wanted more freedom over her schedule. Family was always a core motivator, so she decided to turn her focus to family-owned businesses and started looking for ways to share her expertise.

It wasn’t long before she came across the perfect opportunity.

Launching a Consulting Business

Tiffany was listening to a podcast one day when the host mentioned he didn’t know how to get his small business in front of new people. She reached out and offered to come on the show to share PR advice.

The episode was a success, and Tiffany knew she was onto something. Not long after, she decided to resign from her tenure and become a full-time entrepreneur. 

She launched her consulting business in February 2020 and landed her first client right away, just before the pandemic hit. “Things changed overnight. It felt like a freefall.”

To Niche or Not To Niche

That first year, Tiffany faced a dilemma every business owner is familiar with: finding the perfect niche. 

Because Tiffany had such a wide range of experience, she struggled to narrow down her services. “I felt like I needed to do everything.” 

When I first met Tiffany, her list of offers was seven pages long. Together we turned that list into three simple, tiered packages. “It was like the light bulb came on. I knew how to talk about my services, who they were for, and how to market them.”

The ROPES Framework

As a communications expert, Tiffany says, “I’ve seen more fundamental, ground-level changes in the industry in the last four years than the twenty years before that.”

To help her clients navigate an ever-changing landscape, she came up with the ROPES marketing framework, which breaks down all the different media channels available to business owners:


R – relational media (word-of-mouth and referrals)

O – owned media (emails, blogs)

P – paid media (ads)

E – earned media (publicity features)

S – shared media (social media)


Tiffany recommends a mix of multiple media types. “Concentrating on one strategy over the others is putting all your eggs in one basket.”

The Biggest Factor for Marketing Success

In a world where we’re all used to instant gratification, those who can stick it out for the long haul will see the best results. “All things equal, the biggest determining factor for marketing success is consistency.”

How to Pitch Your Business to the Media

In 2021, the media industry underwent a major shift that led to fewer people producing more work. While the increased workload isn’t ideal for those working in the industry, it’s created new opportunities for small businesses.

“Producers and reporters are always on the lookout for new stories. If you know how to package up the story of your business or your product and pitch it to them in the right way, you can literally hand them a story on a silver platter.”

Getting featured in the media no longer comes down to the size of your business or your personal connections – it’s about how well you can tell a story.

Turning Threats into Opportunities

Ask any small business owner, and they’ll tell you their industry is more crowded today than it was 10 years ago. 

To stay on top of the market, Tiffany recommends taking your business through a SWOT analysis to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. 

Many business owners double down on their strengths in hard times – but the real power comes in looking at your weaknesses and threats. “When you look at a world that feels loud and noisy, how we can take that threat to our business and reframe it so it’s an advantage?” 

Weakness and threats are often opportunities in disguise. If you can learn a new system or skillset that other businesses in your industry don’t have, that’s where you’ll stand out. 

Finding Your Enough Number

One of the major turning points in Tiffany’s business was when she decided to move away from a traditional agency model and rebuilt her services to better fit her lifestyle. “The reason I was able to do that was because of the concept of the ‘Enough Number’ from The Blueprint Model.”  

Once Tiffany understood how much money she needed to bring in to support herself and the business, she was able to rework her sales goals. “That was central to being able to reshape my business to what it looks like today.”

“If you’ve never taken the time to sit down and find your Enough Number…even if it feels daunting, it is absolutely worth it because that peace of mind is priceless.”

Building a Beautiful Legacy

In a world that asks us to do it all well, Tiffany is a firm believer in doing less better. 

“We’ve bought into this idea that because we can be good at a lot of things, we should be doing all of them at the same time because otherwise we aren’t maximizing our potential. But when you step back, building a beautiful legacy is about doing with excellence the work that is front of us right now.”

Her advice for entrepreneurs struggling to find harmony is to identify what your top priority is in this season – and learn to live with delayed gratification, because you can’t do it all at once. 

Start The Way You Mean to Go On

A common objection Tiffany hears from small business owners is that they’re “not ready” to pitch themselves to the media. But her advice is to start thinking about those opportunities sooner rather than later.

Put a simple press kit together and build your brand, so that when those opportunities come, you’re ready for them. “If you want to be an elevated, polished business…start treating your business that way from day one.”

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Photo of Tiffany Eurich

Tiffany Eurich

Dr. Tiffany Eurich loves the way a well-told story – whether through words or images – can change the trajectory of a brand. That’s why she created Tiffany Eurich Communications, a visibility firm that helps owners of small creative businesses tell their stories through game-changing media mentions, and by crafting the dynamic visuals that wow customers.

An author, artist, former TV personality and university professor, Tiffany has worked with everything from solo endeavors to international luxury brands. Her expertise has been featured in places like Forbes, PR Couture, and CEONation, and she’s helped clients land features in just about every big publication you can name. When she isn’t working with business owners, Tiffany spends her time with family, in her garden, or working on her ever-growing list of new hobbies.






February 8, 2024

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