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Meet the 2018 Scholarship Winners

This year as my team and I sat and prepared to open enrollment for the 2018 class of The Blueprint Model, I decided to put together a scholarship giveaway for the very first time. This will be our third year of The Blueprint Model coaching program and I finally feel like the program is out […]

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Giving Back | Announcing The Blueprint Scholarship

As you probably know by now, I am pretty passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs build businesses that support the lifestyle of their dreams while actually putting money in their pockets! A little background you may or may not know ….. About six years ago is when I really came on the creative entrepreneur scene.. but […]

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Your First 3 steps as a creative entrepreneur

You decided to start a company. Awesome! Now what?! You start Googling things like, “First steps to starting a business,” or “First steps to starting a photography business,” or, “How to make a business legal.” Create a business plan? Umm… What is a business plan? Choose a business structure? Umm…. What is a business structure? […]


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Systems : 4 ingredients to a seamless booking process

Hey you! There is money sitting unopened in your inbox. Let’s do something about that, shall we?! Your inbox is at 9,400. You know you need more business, but you can’t even stay on top of the business you’ve booked now. There are inquiries sitting unread, unopened, and unresponded to. Your job is overtaking you! […]


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Why you shouldn’t list pricing on your website

When was the last time you bought something and paid way more than you expected to pay? I remember exactly when that was for me: last January and Frye boots. Here’s the story. I had just released my signature program, The Blueprint Model, for a second year. Each time doors open for my business, I […]


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I Quit Social Media for a Year. Here’s Why.

According to Create + Cultivate, 75% of women spend two hours on social media per day, but 68% of them say social media affects their self-esteem. Research by Yale + Harvard has also shown that excessive social media not only makes you feel bad, but can actually rewire your brain as well (and not in […]

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The Truth About Income and Happiness

Can I ask you question?…. How much money would you be content with making this year? Seriously… stop reading for a second, and get a number in your mind. For all of you follow-the-directions types out there… a) yes, I mean after taxes b) and yes, by content I mean, as dictionary.com puts it, “a state […]


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