Guilt and shame. So often those are the words I hear fellow creative entrepreneurs say they feel when it comes time to talk about money. We don’t talk about money because we’re ashamed to openly discuss it with others. But why? I think a lot of it has to do with the success we see […]

The Creative Legacy Podcast Feature | Our Relationship With Money

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It’s no secret around here that I love flowers. Almost eight years ago, I moved to Atlanta for my husband to go back to school and I personally needed more creativity in my career. With my background in finance, psychology and art, I found myself working in the floral industry schlepping buckets for almost three […]

The Flower Podcast Feature : The #1 most important number to know in your business and WHY! | Shanna Skidmore #finance #creative #entrepreneur

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Are you looking to start a side hustle? Take your side-hustle full time? Or ready to take your business to the next level? This interview with Caleb Peavy on the Be Creative Podcast is full of tips + tricks to help you transform your passion into a profit! LISTEN TO EPISODE 15 BE CREATIVE PODCAST […]

Be Creative Podcast Feature | Create your Business Blueprint and understand your money is the key to your creative freedom. | Shanna Skidmore #theblueprintmodel

Have you ever felt like if you looked away from your business for even a moment – it might fall apart or completely lose traction? For an entrepreneur, it’s terrifying to think about putting on the brakes! But what do you do when you are desperate, exhausted and producing work that you know isn’t your […]

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Have you ever believed your business wouldn’t be a “real” business until you hit six-figures? Let me guess, you’ve been running those social media drills for the past few years, but still can’t seem to move the needle forward on actually growing your business. Sometimes it seems in the hustle of trying to do “all […]

Steadfast Society Podcast Feature with Shanna Skidmore

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Have you ever felt it was impossible to be heard amongst all the social media noise? Are you tired of being constantly connected but fear going quiet would mean being forgotten? Do you feel like you’re trying to make every moment into an Instagram worth moment and exhausted by it? In November of 2017 I […]

Life Without Social Media | Creative Empire Podcast Feature Shanna Skidmore

Finance + Law. Two words that send chills up most entrepreneurs’ spines! Mine included. Contracts, Law, Licensing, legal … have always been concepts I’m just not sure I’m getting 100% right! Legal is one of those things I’m going to leave to the professionals! What I wish is that some really smart attorney somewhere would […]

Financial Fundamentals for Creatives with Shanna Skidmore #finance

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Hi my name is Shanna and I LOVE podcasting. Guys, this interview with Davey Jones of the Brands that Book podcast is SO good! I’m sharing FIVE common money pitfalls and how to avoid them. I think you’re going to relate so much to this conversation with Davey and get some strategies you can implement […]

Common Money Pitfalls + How to Avoid Them!

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I know, I know, I say this every time I share an SS Feature – but this podcast interview with Jenna Kutcher on the Goal Digger Podcast Episode 56 : How to break down your business finances is quite possibly my favorite. It’s SOOO good guys! While this Episode of the Goal Digger Podcast is […]

Four Numbers to Know | Business Finance

Ever wish you could skip over the understanding of your business finances? Does all the business nitty gritty feel like a Debbie Downer? Talking about money feels gross, you just want to create! In this Podcast Feature with Beth Kirby of Raw Milk, we’re talking all things business and finance and how understanding your business […]

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