A Look Back at November

I’m currently writing this on December 9th and that pretty much sums up November! It was a mad dash of work projects and home life! It was big and grand and full in good and challenging ways. November has me looking forward to (and fighting for) a slower pace this December. 

November Highlights: Business Edition 

The big news I teased in last month’s roundup? We decided to launch a shop! Which I worked tirelessly on (and way too many all-nighters to mention), only to conclude that jumping into the chaos that is Black Friday sales is *not* my jam. While I’m beyond excited for the shop to launch, I had to walk through the prep and bustle to realize that sometimes things can and should wait. The Creative Money Shop will debut one of these days, but not today! 

In addition to that crazy, we also completely updated and expanded my goal-setting course, My Blueprint Year and I am in love!!! I just finished walking a handful of students through Dream It. Plan It. Live! Which is our 5-day goal-setting summit I host each December for our “gold pass” students. We transitioned our previous planner back to a printable “journal” format and the writing, reflection, planning, and dreaming was just what I needed this week. I love starting January with clarity and a clean slate, and that’s exactly what annual planning/goal setting does for me. 

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Grateful for:

I’m grateful for and looking forward to December to enjoy a slower pace, my three week Holiday sabbatical, and intentionally plan for the upcoming year! 

Most Proud Moment:

I am so proud of the updates we did for My Blueprint Year. I cherish this program so much because the practice of annual planning keeps me centered, aligned and focused. It’s a joy to walk hundreds of others through intentional goal-setting each year. 

I’m also really proud that we just hit publish on Episode 22 of the podcast. And amazed that we published 14 blog posts last month! I absolutely loved our Holiday Budgeting Guide and all the curated Gifts Guides we released (Supporting Small Business and Gifts for the Littles were my personal favorites)! This year we also brought back our student spotlight series and I have loved highlighting our students. This month’s feature on Kait Saunders was so good! I purchased her Curious Year calendar and I’m so excited to go through it with Madelyn next year. 

I almost forgot! This month I traveled to Nashville to speak at the Luminary Leadership Retreat and it was so life-giving to be among other entrepreneurs and make new friends! 


November Highlights: Home Edition 

As mentioned, this month felt like a whirlwind. Pushing for some pretty big work projects had me pretty misaligned with my time priorities this month. Pressing pause on the shop was a good decision but not before I spent the week leading up to Thanksgiving pushing out some crazy hours. Looking back on my picture roll from this month reminded me of how much life we fit in during the fringe hours. I love these recaps for that reason.  

Favorite Memories : 

Kyle’s first Vols game! GBO! 🧡 

We hosted our first Pie Night at our house! 

We took Madelyn to a Christmas tree farm and picked out the cutest little discount tree there ever was! 🎄

Thanksgiving week with friends and family.

Decorating gingerbread houses and baking pies! 

And one of our favorite Christmas traditions, the Fantasy of Trees in Knoxville!

Currently Listening to: A Very Merry Christmas album by Dave Barnes. “Mary and Joseph” is such a beautiful song.

Currently Watching: Newest season of Yellowstone, duh.

Currently Obsessed with: I just bought this Christmas Memories book and I’m so excited about it!


Around the House:

All things Christmas around the house! I shared my favorite Holiday Home Decor finds, here. I just purchased this Christmas children’s book for Madelyn based on a recommendation from Nancy Ray. More of my favorite Holiday Themed Children’s books, here.

Merry Christmas to you all! I hope you’re able to spend this month doing the things you love and reflect on the beautiful year that has been. 






November 30, 2022

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